August 20, 2012 Chad Richards

Social Media Influencers vs Brand Advocates: 5 Must-Reads

How should you approach influencers and advocates on social media? Find out in today’s must-reads.

Social Media Influencers vs Brand Advocates

By Cara Fuggetta Many marketers are investing in Influencer outreach strategies in hopes that a known name can deliver their message to a vast audience. 40,000 Twitter followers may look tempting, but don’t overlook your own satisfied customers, your genuine Brand Advocates.

Why Online Influencer Outreach is Overrated and How to Fix It
By Jay Baer Trying to convince online influencers to tweet, blog, instagram, or pin nice things about your company is the post-modern version of celebrity endorsement, but with less impact.

Social Media Influencers vs Social Media Ambassadors: What is Their True Value?
By Raymond Morin At a time when the biggest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest) are starting to make a move towards e-commerce, the subject of influence marketing is more than ever a major issue for most companies.

Influencers and Brand Advocates
By Stephanie Hatch Part of reaching out to a large audience involves reaching out to key influencers and brand advocates who in turn reach specific groups of people with their established influence, trust, and relationships.

Stop Ignoring Your Most Useful Influencers: Your Customers
By Michelle Kostya This post is not about influence; what it is or who influences who. Instead I want to show the distinction between advocate and influencer and the importance of building a customer advocacy program alongside your influencer program.

[Image: from Influencers vs Brand Advocates infographic by Zuberance and Convince & Convert]

Chad Richards

Chad Richards

Senior Social Media Manager at Firebelly
Fun Fact: Chad was named "Most Influential Up & Comer" at the inaugural Social Media Summit. He's been with Firebelly since 2007.
Chad Richards
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Chad Richards

Fun Fact: Chad was named “Most Influential Up & Comer” at the inaugural Social Media Summit. He’s been with Firebelly since 2007.

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