October 24, 2012 Firebelly Marketing

Is Twitter Trying To Be Like Facebook?

Over the last month or so Twitter has designed its platform to compete with ever changing Facebook. Many have their opinions about the redesign, but it’s the right move for Twitter to allow users to tell their stories more visually.

New Twitter Features:

  • Header Image: The new header image on a Twitter profile ressembles Facebook’s cover image.
  • Photo Stream: The photo stream has moved to better real estate on your profile page along with six photos rather than four photos.
  • Like Button: Twitter is been experimenting with a new like button – replacing the old Favorite button for a limited number of users.
  • Mobile Apps: Twitter has also created mobile apps to reflect these changes.

These new features are not updated automatically to Twitter profiles, but it is optional. This is an excellent time to review and make changes to your profile – everything from your bio to your images. At Firebelly, we are excited about these changes because it allows people and brands alike to tell their story and express themselves more through Twitter than ever before.

Do you like Twitter’s redesign or are they being too much like Facebook?

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