March 7, 2013 Firebelly Marketing

Firebelly News: The eCommerce Photo Contest Launches


Firebelly is excited to be working with on its first Facebook Photo Contest. The eCommerce Photo Contest is running now through March 26 for 2 winners to each receive one free year of the eCommerce Premium Package – which includes hundreds of design templates and design tools, real-time inventory tracking and product catalog management, integrates with UPS, USPS, and FedEx in providing accurate quotes for shipping, take payments in real-time and use PayPal® and Google Checkout®, mobile eCommerce website! In addition to the two grand prize winners, everyone who enters will receive a free 4-week eCommerce Trial Package.

All you have to do to enter this contest is fill out the entry form, including a photo of and/or the eCommerce product you currently sell or would like to start selling along with a caption that explains why you should win this amazing eCommerce prize!

The Photo Contest entry period ends March 17, so now is your last chance! The voting period is March 18 through March 26. We will announce the winners on April 1. Click here to enter:

Good luck to all who enter!!

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