March 14, 2013 Firebelly Marketing

The Importance Of Face Time In A Technology-Driven World

Firebelly is a fast-paced working environment – sometimes we forget to stop for a minute and take a breath. That being said, one of my favorite parts about working here is taking a breath to meet with clients in person, whether it is for coffee, food or drinks. This M.F.K. Fisher quote fits perfectly with my working relationships, “First we eat, then we do everything else.”


Everyday we are bombarded with work emails and conference calls. Although technology has made our lives easier and more convenient to work from anywhere, it has also made us lose personal touch with people. That’s why now more than ever it’s important to go out to lunch or meet a client for coffee to get that face time.

Bonding with a client changes everything – making each party involved feel appreciated and valued. I love getting to know my clients – learning about their passions, families and life experiences. It makes for a stronger working relationship overall. These meetings usually include a mix of work conversation too. When you have face-to-face meetings it allows everyone involved to participate, engage and be present unlike a conference call where there seems to be a lack of focus at times.

How do you build a relationship with your clients? How often do you meet with them in person?

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