June 26, 2013 Firebelly Marketing

4 Reasons Why Millennials Love Instagram Video


There has been a lot of excitement about Instagram’s new video tool, released June 20, that records and directly shares 15-second videos into the Instagram feed.  While very similar to Twitter’s Vine, which has been around since January, Instagram’s video already seems to be more popular and appreciated by Millennials.

Millennials are 2.5 times more likely to adopt new technology and it is becoming more apparent the best way to reach Millennials is through social media.  With more and more users recording mini videos everyday it seems logical for brands to start utilizing the video tool of Instagram as another form of approval and connection from Millennials.

1. Action Packed.

Instagram is perfect for showing action without losing the viewers attention.  Millennials, also known as Generation ADD, are use to fast-paced, changing environments, will lose interest, and move on quickly.  A 15-second video is perfect to keep Millennials attention while impressing and keeping us coming back for more, short, entertainment.  Another benefit?  It is in the same feed as Instagram photos, making it easier to check than Vine, and more interesting because one goes from video to photo instantly.

2. It’s Fun and Playful.

Millennials are still young and enjoy playful, silly acts.  Promoting your company’s culture in a fun loving, silly way is guaranteed to be appreciated and enjoyed by free-spirited Millennials.

3. Creates Emotional Connections.

Instagram Video is a great way to become connected with your audience and having a personal approach is a way to keep them involved.  Millennials have a tendency and willingness to share so use the video tool to ask questions as a way to receive our input, share our ideas, and create a union between your brand and us.

 4. Creativity is Never-Ending.

Millennials are pro’s at utilizing social media to express creativity.  Millennials also appreciate creativity and the doors social media has opened for new forms of it.  Since Instagram only allows 15-second videos creativity is key.  If your brand masters creative content Millennials will recognize that, support that, and stay interested in what you come up with next.

By utilizing the most out of what Instagram Video offers and focusing it towards Millennial characteristics, your brand can gain attention and respect from the Millennial generation.




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