June 13, 2013 Firebelly Marketing

Mobile Trends for 2013


With mobile technology rapidly growing and changing it is exciting to see what we can expect to happen in the future.  I discovered an article written by JWT on the 13 Mobile Trends for 2013 and picked out a few that I already see happening in my own mobile use.

Million Ways To Say Hi

Yes we still make calls on our mobile phones, the original purpose, but today there are so many faster, more exciting, and richer ways to stay connected to our friends and family.  With apps such as FaceTime, Skype, and SnapChat we can visually connect with our friends for a more personal, and fun, way of communication.

Revolutionizing Transactions

Mobile devices have the potential to revolutionize transactions in places where bank account cards are the exceptions.  Mobile devices offer a way to make payments whether that is the water bill, paying for groceries, or loaning a friend money.  I am an avid user of Chase QuickPay, a feature on the Chase Banking App that allows me to send and receive money from friends and family, whether they bank with Chase or not.

Video Unleashed

It is ironic to think about how for a while SmartPhones were getting smaller and smaller, but today the screens are starting to get larger, while the width of the phone slims down.  Today’s mobile devices, whether an iPhone, Android, or tablet, are offering larger, more clear screens with the capability of viewing movies, TV shows, and even live sporting events.  I am an owner of a Nexus 7, which I bring everywhere, and routinely watch Netflix’s and downloaded movies while at the gym, traveling, or just lying in bed.

Mobile as a Sixth Sense

This may be my favorite part of my mobile devices – the capability to look up anything, anywhere, in a matter of seconds.  Ask anyone; whenever I have a question I look it up.  Often at dinner, during simple conversations, I will whip out my phone to search for the answer.  My sister makes fun of me, saying I’m a bit nerdy, but really I just appreciate the gift of mobile technology and plan to take full advantage of it.

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