July 25, 2013 GuestBlogger

Mobilizing Millennials For Social Good: 6 Takeaways From MCON13

This is a guest post from Chelsea Tuttle – a Ball State University public relations graduate, a Millennial and a MCON13 attendee.

Fifteen influential nonprofit, business and technology leaders, as well as hundreds of attendees, recently gathered in Indianapolis for the one-day Millennial Impact Conference (MCON13) to engage in conversation on how to mobilize the Millennial generation around social causes.


Couldn’t attend or missed the free live stream? Here are 6 key takeaways.

1. Millennials may have five cents, five dollars or five hundred dollars to donate to a social cause they are passionate about. Create conversations with them and make them feel important about their donation no matter how small or large. The moment you ignore them, or worse, talk at them, is the moment they will take their money, and dedication, elsewhere.

2. Nonprofits are dealing with a generation that primarily connects and creates conversations through their mobile devices. Make your website smart phone compatible or you’ll be left in the dust.

3. Use your platforms to empower. In turn, Millennials will share with their friends, their friends will share with their friends, and that, is how the snowball effect is created.

4. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) as an emotional need for Millennials to be connected and know what’s going on all of the time, within and outside of their social circles. Nonprofits need to have relevant, tailored content for this generation that keeps them in the loop.

5. Employees are the philanthropy’s best resource. You can’t empower Millennials, or anyone for that matter, if employees are not aligned with the mission of the organization. Refocus on what your organization is aiming toward.

6. Finally, Millennials will surprise you. They are opinionated, digitally creative and read the news just like you (but they are doing so from a tablet or smart phone). They care about social change! Treat this group as your friend, a confidant, and immerse them in your cause. In a very Millennially way, they will take over from there, both online and financially, and you will see your nonprofit accelerating into the future.

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