July 17, 2014 Firebelly Marketing

Agile, Data-Driven, Burgers And MixWest: An interview With Duncan Alney

Your Current Approach to Marketing Could Make You Irrelevant. Fast.

If you and your marketing team are still operating in a paradigm of business as usual, you are in a very difficult position. In fact, you might be facing extinction. These strong words are part of Duncan Alney’s upcoming keynote presentation — Agile Marketing: How To Change The Way Your Marketing Works — at MixWest 2014. I cornered Duncan this morning to break down some of the essential components that make up agile marketing.

What is different about today’s marketing environment?

It’s not business as usual. We live in a Twitter paradigm. As marketers, we do not have weeks and months to strategize on campaigns. We’ve got to ideate and get shit done on the fly. Every day brings new disruptions and we have to respond in close to real-time. The short term drives the long term.

So what is agile marketing?

Agile marketing is basically a data driven, shorter-term, on the fly iterative approach for getting things done faster. It is supremely challenging, but enables relevance and better results – and testing is built in.

Why is this important?

Too many things change too quickly — requiring quick responses and more relevant approaches.

What is the major challenge?

Most organizations are complex, not built for collaboration and are focused on reacting versus responding. Basically, agile must be in the cultural DNA of the organization — especially in marketing. It has to have infrastructure, process, protocols and people built to support this vision of being agile.

What is special about MixWest?

It’s a badass conference that is really speaker-friendly.  A lot of great things have started at MixWest (formerly Blog Indiana) for a lot of people — including me.  It’s a great recruiting opportunity (we hired a VP we met there), Jay Baer kicked off the work for his best selling book there.  It is a true opportunity for education and collaboration.

So, Duncan what is on your mind at the moment?

The juiciest burger I can find for lunch.


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