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Firebelly’s 2017 Social Media Predictions

2017 social media predictions

We asked each of our team members to share their 2017 social media predictions. Crystal balls were consulted and you can find our forecasts below!

#1 Micro influencers will be of macro importance

micro influencers

Big celebrity endorsements don’t always deliver the big results brands are hoping for. Organizations will generate more sustainable success by identifying and reaching out to individuals with smaller audiences who are more relevant or knowledgeable in their category and seen as trusted resources when it comes to authentic recommendations on what to buy or do.


#2 Response rates become an important metric to brands

response rates

Brands first focused on their growth rates, then it was their engagement rates, and more recently it’s been their conversion rates. Study after study after study has shown that brands have dismal response rates when it comes to addressing their customers’ questions and complaints on social media. And study after study after study has also shown that the #1 thing customers seek from brands on social media is more responsiveness.

This may be more wishful thinking than prediction, but I think brands will finally listen to what their customers want from them on social media and place more importance on their response rates and times—generating a real-life smile beats a like or click any day!


#3 Virtual reality slips into social media

virtual reality

We have all gotten excited after seeing those commercials for Samsung’s virtual reality headsets that bring VR to the masses. In 2014, Facebook purchased Oculus VR—the leader in virtual reality technology— and earlier this year Twitter hired the former CEO of IXOMOXI (whose first product created visual filters for VR devices) to run its fledgling virtual reality efforts.

All this being said, I think we’ll see more virtual reality slip into social media in 2017. People will be able to share their virtual reality “stories” with friends and brands will share virtual experiences of their products and services.


#4 More small brands will leverage Snapchat to reach those pesky Millennials


Many smaller brands have been hesitant of getting on Snapchat—preferring to keep their social media home bases on Facebook and Twitter where they can schedule, measure, and plan out their posts more easily. But if they want to reach those pesky Millennials, they’ll need to embrace Snapchat.

I think 2017 will take some fear out of showing a little behind-the-scenes brand action via 10-second Snapchat Stories and small brands will find themselves discovering the lasting value of disposable content.


Looking to improve your social media marketing efforts in 2017? We can help!

Firebelly Team

FUN FACT: We were voted "Most Ethical Agency" at the 2nd annual Social Media Summit.
Firebelly Team

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Firebelly Team FUN FACT: We were voted "Most Ethical Agency" at the 2nd annual Social Media Summit.



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