3 Big Advantages Your Small Business Has On Social Media

small business on social media

What small business owners may lack in big budgets, they make up for with big opportunities on social media. Community-based brands are uniquely positioned to connect with prospective customers in ways the corporate brands are not. Don’t underestimate small businesses and the advantages they bring into play!

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3 Reasons Social Media Advertising Tastes Better Than Print

social media advertising

Brands and consumers alike have witnessed the shift from print, or traditional marketing, to alternative social and digital forms. Let’s face it, consumers aren’t going to the mailbox, combing through the mail, newspapers, or magazines to discover what they can buy.

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3 Considerations For Stronger Storytelling On Social Media

storytelling on social media

Though the mediums in which we communicate have changed, storytelling remains prevalent across our culture. There’s something comforting in old stories told from our grandfather, or reminiscing with friends about the good ole days and the crazy things we did in our youth.

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YouTube Ads: 4 Reasons Brands Should Use Them

YouTube Ads

When brands and marketers talk pay-per-click advertising, the two looming giants in the industry are Facebook and Google Ads. But it’s time to make room for another heavyweight contender who’s making some serious waves—YouTube Ads.

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5 Considerations For Brands Wanting To Write Better Blog Posts

write better blog posts

Your brand’s ability to consistently write better blog posts will serve as form of “social glue” that engages your audience, delivers value, and seamlessly serves up your overarching marketing strategy.

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25 Social Media Marketing Acronyms YSK (You Should Know)

social media marketing acronyms

The social media marketing ecosystem has its very own language. Letters stand for words. Words stand for ideas. It’s important to know these social media marketing acronyms so the digital natives will accept you as one of their own.

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Facebook vs Instagram: What Brands Need To Know About These Social Superheroes

facebook vs instagram

Though Facebook and Instagram have both reached hero status, they have very different superpowers. It’s important that brands appreciate these differences, play to their advantages, and rather than settling on a favorite defender, use both to contour a successful marketing strategy.

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