How to Explain Influencer Marketing to Your Mom (& Grandma)

influencer marketing

It’s the age-old tale of trying to help your mom and older family members understand what you do for work around the dinner table. If I can break down influencer marketing for my mom, you can break it down for anyone.

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Holiday Influencer Marketing Best Practices For Brands

holiday influencer marketing

In order to thrive in the sea of brands vying for the top spot on holiday shopping lists, you need to leverage holiday influencer marketing. Holiday gifts are a keystroke away, which means traditional marketing isn’t enough for consumers who never make it in to your actual store.

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280 Twitter Characters: More Characters, More Problems?

280 Twitter Characters

280 Twitter characters is now the norm—double the long-standing 140 character limit. Will more Twitter characters bring more problems? We aren’t sure, yet. But, brevity on social media might be a thing of the past.

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