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Blog Editorial Calendar: How To Build One In 7 Easy Steps

blog editorial calendar

A blog editorial calendar helps you organize your thoughts and be more consistent in your content approach. Because without content a blog can not exist. And without consistency, your readership will never grow.

1. Start with your core values and strengths.

This will help identify your blog’s theme. At Firebelly, we make sure our posts cover anything and everything relating to social media marketing.

By incorporating our values and expertise into every post, our readers get a unique perspective they can not find anywhere else.

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2. Develop messaging that is supported by curated or created content.

Everything you collect (curate) or write about (create) needs to be geared toward your blog’s theme. Deviate from it too much, and you’re going to confuse your readers.

Remember, you don’t always have to create new content. Curation is very important as well because it establishes you and your company as a knowledgeable resource.

Infographics, articles, and even videos are all suitable curated content.

3. Include both casual and serious content.

Don’t feel like you have to write in a certain style with every post. Mix it up and have some fun.

4. Show the human side.

You’re writing for real people, so make sure every post is more than just a recitation of dry facts and statistics. Try to inspire as much as you inform.

5. Now you can begin developing your editorial calendar.

Build a long running background story related to your theme that will help your audience discover who you are. (Remember, most people will not follow your daily or weekly adventures — many will show up as a result of a Google search, not regular reading — so it’s important to briefly re-introduce your key themes every so often.)

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6. Find out where to distribute your content across multiple platforms.

It’s important to understand where your audience can be found. You can’t make them come to a network or platform, you have to go to where they are.

7. Finally, make sure you have a way to measure your results.

Set some goals for the kind of readership you’d like to reach, and then write the content, promote it to the networks, and measure the results.

Figure out what tactics result in the best traffic and then figure out how to repeat that.

Do you need help building your blog editorial calendar? Firebelly is here for you. Call us at 317-557-4460, email us at hello@firebellymarketing.com or fill out our contact form.

Firebelly Team

FUN FACT: We were voted "Most Ethical Agency" at the 2nd annual Social Media Summit.
Firebelly Team

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Firebelly Team FUN FACT: We were voted "Most Ethical Agency" at the 2nd annual Social Media Summit.



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