A Quick & Easy Exercise For Defining Your Brand Voice On Social Media


Here’s a quick and easy exercise to get you started on the journey of defining your brand voice on social media. It takes into consideration the three primary components of voice—tone, language and purpose.

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SOCIAL MEDIA SHORT ANSWERS: Community Management & Building Trust

community management trust

It’s one of the laws of sales success: people buy from people (and brands) they trust. Here are some short answers to common questions we receive about community management and building trust with an audience.
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3 Ways Brands Can “Get Lucky” On Social Media

social media four-leaf clover
Finding a brand that does everything right on social media is a lot like finding a four-leaf clover. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, here are three ways to make your social media followers feel like they’ve found gold at the end of a rainbow.
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3 Reasons People DON’T Love Your Brand On Social Media

social media valentines day
It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, but has cupid’s arrow failed to hit your customers’ hearts on social media? Here are three common reasons why!
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