Design Thinking: Why Does It Even Matter?

You’re probably wondering what design thinking is all about and what its role at Firebelly is…

Put simply, it’s a way of thinking that gets the root of any problem, no matter how big or small, or how ambiguous it might be. Yes, aesthetics are a part of design, but design thinking goes deeper. When design thinkers are part of every stage of solving a problem, you set yourself apart from your competition by ensuring that every step of every stage has been considered and planned. It’s a skill that’s often overlooked.

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Discovering A Progressive Design Agency In Indianapolis

As I mentioned in my previous post, when Firebelly first contacted me to interview for a design position I was a little leery.

I had just recently moved back from a life-altering experience working in one of the most progressive design-thinking countries in the world, and was unsure about staying put in good ole’ Indiana.

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From Seoul To Copenhagen: Making My Way To My Perfect Place

When Firebelly first contacted me to interview for a freelance design position, I was skeptical. I had recently moved back from Copenhagen, where I was an Art Director’s Assistant at INDEX: Design to Improve Life. After living in one of the most progressive design-thinking countries in the world, all I wanted to do was move away from Indiana. However, when I interviewed with Firebelly I found that one of the most progressive agencies had been right here all along.

I learned about INDEX: Design to Improve Life from an instructor at school. They had mentioned the non-profit organization after I expressed interest in using design for change. When I heard about the Design to Improve Life Summer School in Seoul, I  jumped at the opportunity.

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Creating A Design Team Built To Succeed

A common inquiry we hear from our clients at Firebelly is how we seem to be “reading their minds.”

The way we our able to do this is because of the way we have structured our design team. Each member has their own strengths that compliment the overall group so it is like a perfectly put together puzzle.


When we are looking for new team members, we often look at current team dynamics as well as upcoming work to determine what skill sets we ought to be seeking.

We are a very collaborative group with small egos (no divas here) so making sure someone fits into Firebelly culture is key.

In the past, I have worked with agencies who think a designer is a designer. However, as I know, NOT ALL DESIGNERS ARE THE SAME.

It is important to really understand the passions and influences that drive a designer. While most good designers are chameleons, the really accomplished ones have developed their own style that allows them to switch back and forth with ease and comfort.

It is also vital to know what your designers style is so that you can call on their expertise when needed for a specific project. We work with a pool of talented designers here at Firebelly that all have their own unique approach which we can pull from as needed. In today’s agency world, we have found it just doesn’t make sense to hire out a huge design team, we like to keep it small, simple & efficient.

In the end it is all about choosing the right team that can collaborate and execute the vision in a very efficient manner. With this approach, we continually exceed client expectations on quality, timeliness, & the impact on their business.

4 Design Blogs Worth Following

I wanted to post today about some great design blogs that I constantly check and follow. These are some great sites to use for RSS! They have a lot of tutorials, inspiration, tips, tricks, and knowledge! Check them out!

Smashing Magazine






Tuts+ is the makers of the great communities:,,, and more!


I Love Typography


What design blogs do YOU follow and RSS!?


Article by: Zach Reed // Firebelly Designer (Follow me @bluetidepro)

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