Another Year of Being Thankful for Social Media From The Firebelly Team

Firebelly team

As you can imagine, the Firebelly team has a lot of reasons to be thankful for social media. Beyond living and breathing social media, we’re thankful for the opportunity to provide such a beneficial marketing tool to our awesome clients. Here are all the ways our team is thankful for social media this year.

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Firebelly Announces new PPC service in Google AdWords

firebelly Adwords

As your brand continues to grow, we want to continue offering digital marketing services that gets your brand in front of the right audience. This includes Google Adwords.

“As you know the Firebelly team offers social ‘PPC’ programs focused on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter,” said Firebelly CEO Duncan Alney. “To round out our PPC services, we’re thrilled to officially announce our Google PPC program!”

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#AgencyLife: Stuff Social Media Marketing People Are Preoccupied With


Recently we’ve had a lot of our clients and friends ask us to share more about life at Firebelly a.k.a our version of #agencylife. The stuff we’re preoccupied with: music, films, books etc. You know stuff that we, social media marketing people, feed our brains, hearts and souls!

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Interview With Senior Social Media Manager Chad Richards

social media manager chad richards

Our Senior Social Media Manager Chad Richards has seen the social media landscape change dramatically during his 9 years at Firebelly. Below, he shares some of his greatest challenges as a social media manager and offers advice for those interested in becoming one.
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