ICYMI: Pinterest Profile Image Changes

pinterest profile image change
In case you missed it (ICYMI), Pinterest announced changes to how profile images appear this week—they’re now circular. To keep your profile image looking good, follow these recommendations from Pinterest’s blog post about the update:

  • Upload a square, 200X200 px image (JPG or PNG)
  • Keep your logo centered and inside the “safe area”
  • Avoid images with pre-cut corners shapes and any artwork that stretches to the edge

Happy pinning!

Pinterest Promoted Pins: 5 Must-Reads

Promoted pins are launching on Pinterest . Learn all about it in the 5-must reads below.

Pinterest Promoted Pins

Pinterest Announces First Ad Product: Promoted Pins

By Lauren Indvik It’s been a long time coming: Pinterest, the heavily funded, 3 year-old image and video-sharing network, announced that it is going to begin experimenting with paid advertising.

Pinterest Seeks Ad Revenue With Promoted Pins

By Tom Risen Pinterest is planning for the future of its photo-sharing website by experimenting with “promoted pins” to see how they can generate revenue, but the company told users that it is trying to be “tasteful” as it develops its advertising model.

Promoted Pinning: The Future of Pinterest

By Kate Endres To ensure Pinterest is here to stay, the company has conceptualized and is launching a test period for promoted pins for a group of businesses. The monetization of Pinterest has yet to go mainstream, as they are still trying to find the best way to go about implementing the new features.

What Pinterest’s Promoted Pins Mean for Social Media Marketing

By Nicole Fallon In early 2012, Pinterest came under scrutiny for secretly making money from affiliate links. The popular photo-sharing site has decided to try monetizing its pins once again — but this time, transparency is the name of the game.

3 Ways To Prep For Promoted Pins on Pinterest

By Holly Hammond Pinterest announced that it would soon launch promoted Pins on its site. Marketers everywhere rejoiced. Whether you are a marketing noob or expert, marketers everywhere knew this play was huge. But why?

Pin, Pin, Pin Away


How many times have you pinned something to a board, clicked on it and it took you to an “unavailable” page? You have this great recipe or work-out tip you want to try and then suddenly you’re back to square one. Frustrating.

However, there’s hopeful news. Pinterest is working out these kinks in hopes that pins will start to become more useful.

Pinterest is working with well-known websites so that pins will have helpful information along with them. Recipe pins will have the website attached with the ingredients, servings and cook time. Movie pins will have the actors and actresses information along with ratings and reviews. Even without pinning something, the “website” icon is available to direct you to more information.

Along with the updates, Pinterest is going through all old pins and updating information that goes with the pins. From now on, pins that have more information behind the pin will have an icon below the picture.

For more information on your pins, or broader categories, you can click on the icon next to the Pinterest search bar. Topics like history, kids, design, DIY, art, gardening, food and more are all expanded on with hundreds of pins.

Aside from the internet, Pinterest has also made quite the stamp on it’s mobile application. A Pin It button is now available on the mobile app. Pinterest is encouraging pinning regardless of your location!

Now with every pin there is the assurance that information will help further your knowledge about that topic. So your recipe box should be filling up, movie list growing long and your DIY list should be letting your creative juices flow!

This post was written by Marcella Hoard.

New Feature On Pinterest Gives Users More Privacy


Pinterest recently launched Secret Boards. Pinners will appreciate this new feature and it will encourage more personal users to join as well. This new feature is fantastic for businesses, especially those who are planners. If a company is planning to launch a new product or host a special event a Secret Board can be created in advance, along with content, images, and descriptions for each pin. Upon completion the board can be made public and shared with the user’s followers.

Unfortunately, users cannot turn existing boards into Secret Boards because other users may have already repinned from the board. Each pinner is only allowed three Secret Boards at this time. If additional Secret Board is need, the user will have to make one public.

To create a Secret Board on your computer, all you need to do is go to your profile on Pinterest, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Create a Secret Board. They can also be created by simply clicking  Add+ on the top right-hand side of Pinterest, select Create Board and click the Secret button switch on. Secret Boards can also be created on mobile devices under the Boards tab.

Are you excited about the Secret Boards on Pinterest? Let us know your thoughts!

3 New Features On Pinterest

Over the past couple months, Pinterest has made a few changes to its pin-tastic platform. Many of these changes have been subtle, and the average user would not notice. However, there are 3 features that have been added that all users will benefit from. Below are the features that will both improve the user experience, and expand Pinterest’s user base. 

1. Expanding languages 

In late August, Pinterest rolled out to new languages – German and Dutch. Languages already offered were Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Pinterest will continue to go global, allowing more and more business take advantage of this visual platform all around the world.

2. Expanding categories

In late July, Pinterest added three new categories to its selection – Quotes, Tattoos and Weddings. If any of categories pertain to your business it’s a good idea to include them in your boards and pins because it will help users easily find your content. From there, they can of course share it with their followers.

3. Open registration

In early August, Pinterest moved from invitation only to open registration after two years. Users not yet on Pinterest can easily go to the site and sign up. It also opened registration to an email address if you don’t want to use your Twitter or Facebook account to sign up. The community on Pinterest will continue grow with less obstacles for users to sign up, in turn, growing the exposure of your business.

For more up-to-date information on Pinterest, visit: http://blog.pinterest.com/.

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