Firebelly Announces new PPC service in Google AdWords

Google Adwords

As your brand continues to grow, we want to continue offering digital marketing services that gets your brand in front of the right audience.

“As you know the Firebelly team offers social ‘PPC’ programs focused on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter,” said Chad Richards. “To round out our PPC services, we’re thrilled to officially announce our Google PPC program!”

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Facebook Video Ads: Power Up Your Campaign

facebook video ads

Firebelly recently teamed up with another creative agency to launch a social media campaign that involved the release of several videos over a period of six weeks. Facebook video ads were an important part of the equation and I wanted to share several best practices and lessons learned so that your next Facebook video ad campaign can be a success too.

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3 Sure-Fire Ways Non-Profits Can Increase Awareness With Social Media

non-profit social media

Last week, I spoke at Kiwanis International’s annual convention on the topic “3 Sure-Fire Ways To Increase Awareness With Social Media.” Below are my slides from that presentation.
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3 Ways Brands Can “Get Lucky” On Social Media

social media four-leaf clover
Finding a brand that does everything right on social media is a lot like finding a four-leaf clover. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, here are three ways to make your social media followers feel like they’ve found gold at the end of a rainbow.
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