3 Reasons Social Media Advertising Tastes Better Than Print

social media advertising

Brands and consumers alike have witnessed the shift from print, or traditional marketing, to alternative social and digital forms. Let’s face it, consumers aren’t going to the mailbox, combing through the mail, newspapers, or magazines to discover what they can buy.

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YouTube Ads: 4 Reasons Brands Should Use Them

YouTube Ads

When brands and marketers talk pay-per-click advertising, the two looming giants in the industry are Facebook and Google Ads. But it’s time to make room for another heavyweight contender who’s making some serious waves—YouTube Ads.

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Why Your Brand Should Be Using Google AdWords

google Adwords

Brands are asking: “Why use Google AdWords?”, “Does it work?”, and “How does it compare to marketing on other online platforms?” The quick-n-dirty answers to each of these questions have one common denominator: Google AdWords gets to your customers before you do.

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Facebook Video Ads: Power Up Your Campaign

facebook video ads

Firebelly recently teamed up with another creative agency to launch a social media campaign that involved the release of several videos over a period of six weeks. Facebook video ads were an important part of the equation and I wanted to share several best practices and lessons learned so that your next Facebook video ad campaign can be a success too.

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