These Tips And Tricks Will Help Create Engaging Instagram Stories

Last month, I talked about why it’s important for brands to incorporate Instagram Stories into their social media marketing efforts. As promised, this month I will go over tips and tricks for creating more engaging stories.

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Tips For Collaborating With Other Agencies


Our expertise lies in social media marketing. We know there’s more to marketing than social media so we continuously seek opportunities to partner with other agencies, to support their vision through our own strengths and lean into their expertise where we can use the extra muscle.

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Best Practices For Managing A Social Media Crisis

social media crisis

A social media crisis is bound to happen at some point to your brand. This could be as small as a negative review/comment or as big as when Adidas tweeted, “Congrats you survived the Boston Marathon.”

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My New Social Media Marketing Tool Faves Of 2017

social media marketing tool

I’ve used a lot of different social media marketing tools in my 10 years as a social media manager. My all-time favorite tool for publishing, community management and reporting is Sprout Social, but here are five new-to-me tools that I’ve come to love this year. I think you’ll like them too.

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