Twitter Analytics For All Users Now Available

Twitter analytics
Numbers nerds rejoice! Twitter is finally providing all users with data on their tweets. Previously, this information was only available to advertisers and a limited number of other users.
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What To Make Of Unexpected Twitter Growth

 photo twitter-growth_zps40430710.jpgAnthony Correia /

This week, Twitter follows Facebook in exceeding Wall Street’s expectations for quarterly and annual earnings. Contrary to the buzz of slowed earnings — see Mashable‘s “Twitter’s User Growth Is Tapering Off Very Quickly” article — the company is up 124% year-over-year.

This Business Insider Intelligence chart shows that, beyond earnings, there has also been significant growth in monthly users and Twitter timeline viewers.

 photo twitter-chart_zpse81685f0.png

According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, the increase in monthly use is due to feature updates on the platform—not just because of a global event like the World Cup.

Although Twitter is no Facebook, these earnings deepen the authority of Twitter as a leading digital sharing platform, a position that, just like Facebook, can only be further established by increased internet connectivity and increased access to wireless devices.

With continued development of user-friendly platforms and proof of increasing audience size, the social web of Twitter is thicker, stronger, and more intertwined than ever. Twitter is making the case that there is no time like the present to establish your brand in 140 characters or less!

Subtweets: Trash Talk or Invaluable Customer Intelligence

Subtweets: is it something that people in their early twenties do (and useless to marketing people) or does it contain hidden customer experience gems.

There’s been a quiet phenomenon evolving in the social media landscape over the past several years.  People are alluding to personal problems, politics, friends, family and even brands without directly mentioning them. Welcome to subtweeting (and vague-booking).

For marketers the phenomena presents a challenge and an opportunity.  How can we broaden our awareness of conversations about our brands?  And how can an intimate understanding of subtweets inform this broadened awareness?
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