Do You Vine And Drive?

When I was learning to drive, the very first thing my parents told me was no texting and driving! However, no one ever said anything about vining and driving.

Vine is a mobile app that allows users to view, share, and produce up to 6 second videos. One of my favorite “Viners,” Alx James, is known for vining while driving. Typically most of these vines deal with bad drivers, impatiently waiting at red lights, or anyone who might pull up next to him. While James’ vines are hilarious I never thought about how dangerous they could be. I always just saw the entertainment value.

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Vine vs. Instagram


Vine has been around since January for iOS users and just became available for Android users, June 3rd.  Unfortunately (for Vine), right after on June 20, Instagram (or Facebook) released Instagram video that was automatically available for both iOS and Android users.

From my personal social media feeds, I have heard all opinions on whether Vine or Instagram video is better. Instead of basing my opinion off my friends Tweets, I decided to compare the features of each video tool.



Duration 6-seconds 15-seconds
Looping Yes No
Embeddable Yes No
Special Features Front Facing Camera Front Facing Camera, Filters, Stabilization
Users13 million13 million


Which do you prefer?  The original Vine or the new Instagram video?



How To Use Vine For Business: 5 Must-Reads

Vine is an iPhone app that allows users to shoot short looping videos they can then share with their followers. What can your business do with six-second videos? Read this week’s 5 must-reads for ideas.

How To Use Vine For Business

7 Surprising Ways to Grow Your Business on the Twitter Vine
By James T Noble It’s been hailed as Instagram for video – and that’s a pretty big accolade – so the big question is…can Twitter Vine be leveraged for business? Well if we’re going to find out, first of all we need to cut through the buzz and take a closer look at what Vine is really all about.

How 15 Real Businesses Are Getting Creative With Vine for Marketing
By Hannah Fleishman A lot can happen in six seconds. You can text your mom, read an email (or delete 20), or give an epic high five. But can you create a lasting impression within six seconds? Marketers seem to think so.

Bite-Sized Marketing: How Six-Second Vine Videos Can Build Your Brand
By Anna Pedersen While adding Vine to your company’s social media arsenal sounds like a cool idea, you’re likely wondering, “Does my business really need another social media channel to manage?” The answer is… well, possibly.

Vine: What A Six-Second Video Can Do For Business
By Rocky Walls Vine is great for telling short stories with a distinct beginning, middle and end. Whether you’re a regular Joe traipsing around social media outlets or you’re operating accounts for a company or business, apps such as Vine can provide you with the tools to be entertaining and creative with the content you’re sharing.

How Small Businesses can use Twitter’s New Vine App
By Jonathan Handy Go behind the scenes of your business. Social media has already done a great job of getting to know brands more personally, with Vine you can take that even farther and create videos demonstrating how a product is made.

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