YouTube: Visual Proof For Static Content

“YouTube videos provide visual proof for static content” – Cameron Hail, Optimization @ Firebelly

Everybody is in a mad rush to make content. But I’m amazed at how little thought is paid to quality, distribution, engagement and conversion. Video content, for example, has so much value. And yet, YouTube is convenient left out of so many corporate social media plans

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100 Greatest Hits Of YouTube

Since Tuesday is the unhappiest day of the week, I thought I’d lighten things up and make sure this YouTube Tuesday video was a fun one. Below is a video that condenses the 100 Greatest Hits of YouTube into about 3 minutes. We humans are an interesting bunch! Are any of your favorites missing?

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YouTube Tuesday: Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral for Smart Water

Today’s YouTube Tuesday video is the clever Jennifer Aniston Smart Water spot featuring nods to many popular viral videos and memes. I think the Old Spice and Bed Intruder guys would have made great additions. Which memes would you have liked to see included in the video?

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YouTube Tuesday: The Social Network (Kinetic Typography)

On Sunday, The Social Network took home Oscars for Original Score, Film Editing and Adapted Screenplay. This kinetic typography video shows off some of the dialog and music in a unique way. Enjoy!

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YouTube Tuesday: Go Granny Takes on Go Daddy Girls

Disclosure: Network Solutions is a Firebelly client.

Just days before the Super Bowl, Network Solutions released a video that stars Academy Award-winning actress Cloris Leachman spoofing the some-have-called-sexist ads GoDaddy runs during the Big Game. It’s a clever spot and has received a lot of praise from bloggers and on the Twittersphere. What do you think?

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YouTube Tuesday: “Just Go With It” Facebook Trailer

This week’s video is a trailer for Adam Sandler’s upcoming film Just Go With It. The entire spot has a Facebook theme – opening with a “Like” button and telling the story of the film via the Facebook news feed and status updates. It’s pretty clever.

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YouTube Tuesday: The State of Wikipedia

This month marks the 10 year anniversary of Wikipedia. To celebrate, they’ve released this video and an infographic you can find at How often do you use Wikipedia? Do you find it to be a credible source?

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Youtube Tuesday: Pink Ponies

Beautiful example of what might happen if an ad agency planned a little girl’s birthday party. I know they said the party went viral, but we would have loved to have seen digital cameras, Flips, laptops and smart phones out on the table for easy updates and sharing!

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