Duncan AlneyDuncan Alney is the CEO and Director of Influencer Programs at Firebelly. He is the very qualified mastermind behind all of the organization’s work. A Hanover College grad, he juggles the roles of catalyst, program overseer, problem solver and strategist delicately.

You can find Duncan with his son often, and he usually has some type of Italian-style coffee drink in hand. If you want to take him to eat in Broad Ripple, Canal Bistro is his go-to.

For his personal life, Instagram is his medium of choice “to keep it real”, but for business he prefers Facebook.

Music in all forms is Duncan’s weakness, which explains his amateur DJing and love for vinyls, and he is known to make a great Manhattan.

Position: CEO, Director of Influencer Programs

Years of Social Media Experience: 11 social media, 24 marketing

Role: catalyst, oversee programs, problem solver, strategist

What did you go to college for/where did you go to college: business administration and political science at Hanover College (also attended St Xavier’s College in India)

Critical aspects of job: Gleaning insights from monitoring conversations, integrating paid and organic approaches. Most importantly bring his sensibilities into play for client strategy.


Hobbies: Playing vinyl on vintage stereo equipment, amateur DJ, reading, films, cooking

Favorite social media channel and why: SnapChat, its real and temporary personally. Facebook because of the audience and targeting/measurement for business.

Favorite part of working in social media: constant change, influencer programs require a synthesis of many disciplines of marketing

Three places you like to spend your time:
Home listening to music and playing with my son
Coffee shop…drinking specialty italian style coffee drinks like macchiatos and picolos
Dining out alone or with friends

Favorite Broad Ripple restaurant:
Canal Bistro

Two non-related work things you think you are an expert at:
Keeping up with music, making manhattans

One piece of social media advice:
Build programs around insights to be responsive, yet strategic

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