March 5, 2018 Firebelly Marketing

Explaining Social Media Marketing To My Mom

explaining social media marketing

If it wasn’t hard enough explaining social media in general to my mom, explaining social media marketing was an even bigger banana to peel.

Deep breath…serenity now…patience is a profound gesture of kindness.

We started small. I gave mom a general overview of “The Facebook,” its ability to deliver current events and relevant news stories, to be a resource, and to connect with friends far and wide.

And then I came at her with the mother of all break-downs: Social Media Marketing 101.

Explaining Social Media Marketing

It went something like this:

1. Facebook’s for business, not just pleasure.

Savvy brands know that where there are large audiences, there are large opportunities to create awareness.

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A well-articulated message, coupled with a consistent social media presence, will move those audience members from being potential customers to purchasing customers.

See mom, social media isn’t just a toy; it’s a tool.

2. We’re watching.

The Facebook is smart, mom. It has the ability to collect information about audience behaviors: what you follow, what you click, who follows you, which groups you belong to, and so on.

A social media manager’s job is to use this information to help tell a brands’s story. To better shape a message and deliver meaningful content, we rely on The Facebook to tell us what the masses are interested in. What they’re hungry for. What speaks to them.

Using metrics and analytics, social media actually helps us target our clients’ customers and create effective advertising that satisfies their personal preferences. 

We don’t have to guess what customers are interested in; they’ve already told us. Basically, it is like sending out a mailer, but only having to pay for people that open the envelope.

You still with me, mom?

3. That doesn’t mean they’re watching.

Mom, you know the picture you posted of last week? Don’t assume all your friends saw that. Social media feeds vary according to behaviors, likes, follows, shares, and other engagement. The same thing applies to brands.

A brand may have 3,000 followers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those 3,000 followers will see every status update the brand posts.

No matter how clever, how many resources are spent developing a creative message, it’s necessary for brands to take additional steps to be sure their content is being seen.

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Paid advertisements are an effective way for brands to better predict the reach of their content, get better placement in feeds, and get in front of the folks who are there to demand what you have to supply.

It’s one of the most precise forms of advertising available today.

And that’s what I do, mom.

Me and the team at Firebelly. We use social media to distinguish our clients from other brands, to develop precise, measurable content, and to connect our clients with their customers.

Tell dad I said, “Hey.”

Need help explaining social media marketing to someone in your life? Perhaps a boss or colleague? Firebelly is here for you. Call us at 317-557-4460, email us at or fill out our contact form.



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