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5 Tips for Choosing Facebook Ad Images That Convert

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Strong Facebook ad campaigns are born from strong Facebook ad images. Long before the written word, mankind used imagery to articulate a message and tell a story.

Facebook Ad Images That Convert

Before children learn to read, they rely on pictures to help them interpret a book. It’s basic, deep-rooted and innate: human beings are tethered to images.

Knowing this should inform our ad designs as we work to capture the attention of audiences, and breathe life into our brand.

Here are 5 tips for choosing Facebook ad images that convert.

1. Use your image to create context

Your image is meant to create visual context. With a typical Facebook ad, you have about 25-40 characters for your headline and 125 characters for text. That’s not much.

Which is why your photo has to evoke a reaction, relay information, and round-out your message on the quick-draw.

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2. Don’t be afraid to take your own photos

A professional photographer is maybe an unlikely option given most budget restraints. And it can be tough to locate a stock image that perfectly aligns with an ad concept.

Today’s smartphones and digital cameras are quite capable of producing high-quality photos.

Some suggestions for taking better photos:

• Be mindful of the lighting
• Take multiple photos at varying angles
• Utilize apps and/or filters to further refine your image
• Opt for landscape and square images, which are best for optimizing and accommodating Facebook’s various aspect ratio requirements

3. Don’t create cognitive friction

Cognitive friction occurs when a user experiences a mismatch between your ad and your website landing page.

This mismatch leaves the user confused, unsure that they are in the right place, and more likely to abandon their search for your information.

The image on your landing page should be consistent with your ad, reaffirming your audience they’re in the right spot.

4. Size matters

Knowing the type of ad you are going to run will impact how you adjust your image.

Facebook has some specific recommendations that you need to consider such as: a single image traffic ad will require a 16:9 ratio and a carousel ad will require a 1:1 ratio.

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5. TEST!!

Whether you’re conducting you own standard A/B test or inviting Facebook’s new Split Test feature to do the work for you, it’s important to test your image. Different photos resonate with different audiences for different reasons.

It can’t come down to our own sense of style and design preferences; we have to let the data do the driving.

Images represent opportunity. They pick up where words leave off, and help us move our audience from one place to the next. They have the ability to ask questions, and answer questions; to begin the conversation, and then get the last word.

That’s power.

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