February 17, 2015 Chad Richards

Facebook Relevance Score: A Fast Way To Know If Your Ads Are Effective

Facebook Relevance Score
Facebook Relevance Score for ads rates your ads on a scale of 1-10 as to how well your Facebook ads are performing. This score can be found in Facebook Ads Manager.

We’ve told you before that you have to pay to play when it comes to your brand’s content on Facebook. The Facebook Relevance Score is a great way to know how relevant those Facebook ads are to the audience you’re serving them to.

facebook relevance score

How the Facebook Relevance Score works

According to Facebook:

“Relevance score is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback we expect an ad to receive from its target audience. The more positive interactions we expect an ad to receive, the higher the ad’s relevance score will be. (Positive indicators vary depending on the ad’s objective, but may include video views, conversions, etc.) The more times we expect people to hide or report an ad, the lower its score will be.

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Ads receive a relevance score between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest. The score is updated as people interact and provide feedback on the ad.

Ads with guaranteed delivery — like those bought through reach and frequency — are not impacted by relevance score.

Relevance score has a smaller impact on cost and delivery in brand awareness campaigns, since those ads are optimized for reaching people, rather than driving a specific action like installs.”

The Facebook Relevance Score can be helpful, but remember to ultimately judge an ad’s performance on how well it’s meeting its objectives.

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If you’re running an ad to generate clicks to your website and it’s doing so with a high click through rate and a low cost per click, you may not need or want to concern yourself with the Facebook Relevance Score.

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Chad Richards

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Fun Fact: Chad was named "Most Influential Up & Comer" at the inaugural Social Media Summit. He's been with Firebelly since 2007.
Chad Richards

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Chad Richards Fun Fact: Chad was named "Most Influential Up & Comer" at the inaugural Social Media Summit. He's been with Firebelly since 2007.



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