October 2, 2017 Firebelly Marketing

Facebook Video Ads: Power Up Your Campaign

facebook video ads

Firebelly recently teamed up with another creative agency to launch a social media campaign that involved the release of several videos over a period of six weeks. Facebook video ads were an important part of the equation and I wanted to share several best practices and lessons learned so that your next Facebook video ad campaign can be a success too.

Did you know that over 100 million hours of video are viewed on Facebook daily?

With video you can to tell a story, give your brand a voice, and showcase your business, its employee and its consumers in a way like no other. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Pro Tips On Facebook Video Ads

First: It’s gotta be good. [Captain Obvious here, reporting for duty.]

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Data suggests that within the first 9-12 seconds of a video, your audience retention begins to drop significantly which makes the the first few seconds critical to seeing a higher video completion rate.

Here are some things to consider to peak users’ interest early:

Keep it short. The most successful video average length ranges from 30-45 seconds. Know your medium, your audience…. Ooo, piece of candy
Get to the point early. You have a few seconds to capture your audience and entice them to keep watching.
Brand later. Avoid using brand logos and taglines early in the video. [They’ll smell the sales on you.]
Don’t neglect the thumbnail. Users are scrolling and autoplay may be disabled. Use the thumbnail to peak interest and create context for the video
Leave them wanting more. Just like the cliffhanger on the season ending of your favorite show, or the legend-level way to end a first date, always leave your audience intrigued and ready for more of your message.

It’s easy to get stuck on determining your objective: web traffic? link clicks? engagement? video views?

After various campaign experiences, I suggest selecting Video Views as your objective to get a more holistic sense of the success of your campaign.

Facebook has the ability to target users that are more likely to watch videos which contributes to greater reach, more views, increased engagement, and higher video completion percentages.

In the end, brands want users to watch their video, so leverage the tools and capabilities Facebook has to offer.

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Let’s talk metrics

Where Facebook flexes real muscle is its ability to provide metrics, insights and data to accurately measure the performance of your campaign.

Wherever you decide to place value, Facebook provides a variety of data to evaluate the ad performance. The basic vanity metrics are reach, spend, and cost per click.

It’s also important to hone in on a few the of video view metrics:

3-second Video Views/10-second Video Views will reflect the number of times the video was watch for an aggregate of those defined seconds or 97% percent of its total length [whichever comes first]
Video Percentage Watched provides the average percentage of your video that people watched. The metric is calculated as the percentage of your video watched, averaged across all watches of your video.

Reviewing these metrics can help you qualify success of the overall campaign. From there, you may decide it’s time to pivot, shift gears, downgrade, upgrade, or stay the course depending on how well your strategy is performing.

The last word on Facebook Video Ads is less about them, and more about you.

This is YOUR opportunity to make people into believers; to put power behind your product or service or idea. To move someone from a passive viewer to an active customer.

It’s your brand. Your name. Your message. Use these seconds to share your passion with the world.

We need it.

Do you need help creating and running Facebook video ads for your brand? Firebelly is here for you. Call us at 317-557-4460, email us at hello@firebellymarketing.com or fill out our contact form.



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