November 9, 2018 Kelly Andres

Another Year of Being Thankful for Social Media From The Firebelly Team

Firebelly team

As you can imagine, the Firebelly team has a lot of reasons to be thankful for social media. Beyond living and breathing social media, we’re thankful for the opportunity to provide such a beneficial marketing tool to our awesome clients. Here are all the ways our team is thankful for social media this year.

Duncan Alney | Founder & Strategist

I’m thankful for our clients and our team as well as Sprout Social for all the support they provide us. I’m also thankful for all the transformation that cements social’s place and its further integration into the marketing mix.

Chad Richards | VP, Social Media Services

Certainly a highlight for me this year was when Firebelly won Sprout Social’s Cultivate Award for “providing excellent social media services to clients.” I’m thankful for that and the two things that made it possible: amazing clients and an awesome Firebelly team.

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Lauren Johnson | Social Media Manager

There’s so much to be thankful for when it comes to social media. I’m especially thankful for Sprout Social adding publishing to Pinterest and Instagram as well as their ViralPost(R) roll out. These additions make my job a little easier.

I love the addition of Instagram Story Ads this year as they bring something new to the social media ad world.

Most of all I’m thankful for a creative team that collaborates well and genuinely enjoys and supports one another; having the world’s best boss; and working with awesome clients who are as jazzed about the benefits of social media as I am.

Lastly, I’m thankful for dogs – not relevant to social media, but I am super duper thankful for this!

Taylor Carlier | Social Media & Influencer Manager

This year I’m thankful for Instagram adding story archives so I can remember all the fun times I’ve had throughout the year. I’m also thankful for Firebelly team parties and working with awesome clients that make collaborating on projects enjoyable. Last but not least, I’m thankful for Sprout Social being a social manager’s MVP by always improving and enhancing their software.

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Ryan Campbell | Ad Services Manager

The highlights from this year include meeting and helping new clients work toward their goals. I’m thankful for the relationships I’ve built through working with great clients who believe in what we do. I’m also thankful to work with a dynamic, creative and collaborative team. Lastly, a huge thanks to Spotify for playing my favorite music to get my creative juices flowing.

Kelly Andres | Social Media Manager

I’m thankful for the endless opportunities of creativity and connectedness that social media provides, especially through live streaming and video capabilities. This is my first year with Firebelly, and I’m so thankful for an awesome team that is supportive as well as the opportunity to help clients engage with their followers and create new ones online.

There’s always a reason to be thankful and for the Firebelly team, we’re thankful for social media and how it’s constantly evolving. It keeps us on our feet and challenges us creatively. As a team, we make sure we’re providing the best results for our clients – who we’re truly thankful for. What are you thankful for this year?

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Kelly Andres

Social Media Manager at Firebelly
Coming from a background in Public Relations, she’s driven by creating exciting stories for clients through words and imagery.

About the Author

Kelly Andres Coming from a background in Public Relations, she’s driven by creating exciting stories for clients through words and imagery.



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