May 21, 2019 Lauren Johnson

Bring On The Heat: Firebelly Marketing’s Favorite Indianapolis Summer Activities

Indianapolis Summer Activities

Is there anything better than summertime in Indiana? We’ve waited patiently through the frigid cold of winter and rainy days of spring to bring us to my favorite, the summer heat! The Firebelly team can’t wait to enjoy our favorite Indianapolis summer activities.

Duncan Alney

I like to work on strategy and business development on my veranda with a cold craft beer with artisanal olives and hand fried chips. When I get hot, I go inside to work on competitive analysis (in the air conditioning). To do the billing I go to the pool and do the invoices in the lazy river. 🙂 Also I like to dine al fresco and going on picnics with my hot girlfriend and adorable son. If you’re choking about my sweetness, I can counsel you 🙂

Chad Richards

Sitting in the A/C anywhere.

Hey, no-one said you had to be a fan of the great outdoors to enjoy one of summer’s best attributes, A/C!

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Lauren Johnson

Ahh, sweet summertime! Is there any better time? There are so many reasons I love Indy in the summer, here are just a few:

• Boating with friends, family and my dog on Sweetwater, Geist and Lake Lemon.
• Camping and enjoying the great outdoors.
• Grilling out and playing badminton, KanJam, corn hole and darts in my backyard.
• Hiking through Eagle Creek, Fort Harrison State Park, Marott Park and Holliday Park.
• Eating outside at my favorite local spots in Broad Ripple and SoBro like Broad Ripple Brew Pub, Flat Water, Fire By • The Monon, Aristocrat and Half Liter.
• Biking on the Monon and stopping for a yummy, refreshing craft beer at the many Indy breweries along the way.
• Listening to the crack of the bat during an Indian’s game.
• Outdoor concerts at White River State Park and Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center.
• Walking through my favorite midtown neighborhoods: Broad Ripple, Warfleigh, Arden, Meridian Kessler and SoBro!

The best part? Summer in Indy means so many dog-friendly activities!

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Taylor Carlier

All of the reasons why I am fun to hang out with in the summer:

• Eating ice cream every day (preferably from Graeter’s with the exception of the S’mores Blizzard from DQ)
• Biking on the Monon Trail
• Sand volleyball
• Hammocking on the Canal downtown with a good book
• Tubing down the White River in Noblesville
• Any outdoor concert at Ruoff or White River
• Food & drinks on the patio at Canal Bistro or Flatwater in Broad Ripple
• Bonfires at my house
• Indian’s baseball games on the lawn
• Mooching off of acquaintances, strangers, and apartment complexes to use people’s pools
• Walks in Meridian-Kessler
• Mass Ave restaurant hopping
• Electric scootering in Broad Ripple & Downtown (on the streets only of course)

Kelly Andres

Summer in Indy is the best time of the year. I basically love getting outdoors any chance I can. Here are just a few of the activities I’m looking forward to this year.

• Indy Pride Festival
• Al fresco dining and patio drinks
• White River State Park concerts – I’m seeing The National at the end of June!
• Hiking at any of the parks nearby
• An annual tubing trip down the White River that I take with my friends
• Of course my wedding 🙂

We just love all that Indy has to offer in the summer! Catch us out (or in) and about taking advantage of the multitude of Indianapolis summer activities.

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Lauren joined the Firebelly team in early 2016. Her social media marketing advice? Be flexible. Change is constant in this industry.
Lauren Johnson

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Lauren Johnson Lauren joined the Firebelly team in early 2016. Her social media marketing advice? Be flexible. Change is constant in this industry.



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