March 21, 2018 Lauren Johnson

Create The Perfect Instagram Content Calendar With These 3 Tips

Instagram content calendar

Last month I talked about tips for creating a content calendar, hopefully you found some ideas you could easily implement. This month, I want to challenge you think about Instagram content calendars in new and exciting ways to increase engagement for your brand.

Try one of these ideas when creating your Instagram content calendar.

1. Understand your audience on Instagram

Instagram’s audience is different in demographics and interests. Check out Sprout Social’s “18 Instagram Stats Every Marketer Should Know for 2018”.

In this handy article, you will find great nuggets of information that will help you create better content for the people who are on Instagram.

For example, did you know 59% of 18-29 year olds use Instagram?

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2. Storyline Creation

Now that you have a better understanding of the type of people who are on Instagram, compare that to your target audience and being to create storylines that could work for these people.

Don’t forget to have fun with it!

Location Tagging: Brands that use location tagging in their Instagram posts see 79% more engagement than those that do not.

User Generated Content: If you haven’t already realized it, Instagram at it’s core is a photo sharing site. Take advantage of the great photos your fans are already creating and and share them on your accounts, just remember to give them credit! Did I mention UGC has a 4.5% higher conversion rate?

Company Culture: Instagram is the perfect platform to share your company culture with the world. Did you have two employees come to work dressed alike, give your followers a good laugh and post a #twinning photo. Share company outings, birthday celebrations, and employee interactions to give a human touch to your brand.

Product Promotion: Find unique and fun ways to promote/highlight your product. Instagram allows you to be more creative and artistic in your photo production.

Emojis: Don’t be afraid to use emojis in your posts!

Holidays: Go ahead, join the holiday conversation! Just maybe don’t participate in every single holiday!

Wildcard: “The greatest failure is the failure to try!” Always wanted to test a concept? Try it out on Instagram! You never know until you try.

This is just a short list to get you excited to try new things, what other concepts can you think of?

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3. Mix it up

Congratulations, you just put more thought into your Instagram content calendar than you ever have before! This is a big day, don’t go ruining all this hard work with monotonous images.

Mix it up!

Use videos, black & white and colorful photos, gifs, boomerangs, memes, polls, and collages in your imagery plan.

Test a variety of styles (while staying on brand) to see what produces the most engagement from your audience!

Still not sure how to get started creating the perfect Instagram content calendar for your brand? Firebelly is here for you. Call us at 317-557-4460, email us at or fill out our contact form.

Lauren Johnson

Senior Social Media Manager at Firebelly
Lauren joined the Firebelly team in early 2016. Her social media marketing advice? Be flexible. Change is constant in this industry.
Lauren Johnson

About the Author

Lauren Johnson Lauren joined the Firebelly team in early 2016. Her social media marketing advice? Be flexible. Change is constant in this industry.



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