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Just Pop In’s Mandy Selke & Carly Swift Are Fired Up About Popcorn

Just Pop In

The minute you step into a room with twin sisters Mandy Selke and Carly Swift you instantly feel their contagious high-energy and positive personalities. Firebelly had the opportunity to pop on over to the sisters’ business Just Pop In! at their new Broad Ripple location.

Recently celebrating 15 years in business, Firebelly’s Duncan Alney sat down with these successful women entrepreneurs to discuss their passions, love of community and dedication to popcorn.

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Celebrating happiness as a local Indianapolis business

Just like sisters Selke and Swift, what you see is what you get when you walk into Just Pop In! You’ll see the themes of family, happiness and creativity in everything they do because authenticity is at the core of their branding.

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At the store entrance is a quote from their grandfather, the walls are brightly decorated and they have so many one of a kind options of popcorn flavors. Besides creating delicious popcorn recipes, the sisters’ entrepreneurial spirit and branding has made a huge impact in their success and continued growth.

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Popcorn brings people together

Popcorn is more than a tasty snack, especially for Selke and Swift. They grew up making memories over popping popcorn with their grandfather and have continued this tradition with their own families. Not to mention, they started their own business around the nostalgia of popping popcorn.

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They also use popcorn to connect with other local Indianapolis businesses. Just Pop In! collaborates with Sun King Brewing to create a Dark Chocolate Osiris popcorn and a Bavarian Cheese and Pretzel that includes Sun King’s Cream Ale. In return, Sun King uses Just Pop In! popcorn for their Popcorn Pilsner. You can also find popcorn collaborations with Smoking Goose, 4Birds Bakery and Bazbeaux.

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Love of community

What makes Just Pop In! stand out as a local Indianapolis business is their ability to be a for profit business that does non profit work. With the loss of a family member from HIV/AIDS, the sisters understand how short life is and the importance of celebrating happiness. This is why they actively give back to the Indianapolis community, including the Damien Center, and sponsor events like the Indianapolis Film Festival. Popcorn is their business but community, happiness and living their truth are what continue to motivate Selke and Swift.

Who doesn’t want a little more happiness in their life? So pop on in to Just Pop In! and support a local Indianapolis business doing good in the community.

Catch the full #GotTheFire interview below.

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Kelly Andres Coming from a background in Public Relations, she’s driven by creating exciting stories for clients through words and imagery.



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