Kickstart Social Media

There’s a lot to navigate in the world of social media marketing. Think of your social channels as a first impression for your business. You want your social channels to accurately represent your business as well as be inviting and engaging, right? Try these tips to kickstart your social media and start developing your social media presence. With the right content and strategy, you’ll be engaging and connecting with your audience in no time.

1. Create Original Content

Being authentic is the best way to build trust with your audience. Create content that showcases your business’s brand, messaging and tone. If your brand isn’t funny, don’t try to be funny. Your audience will know if it’s forced. At the same time, make sure you’re creating content that is interesting to your target audience. This means identifying and understanding your target audience before you create content. Mix up the type of content you post. Try incorporating original videos, images and blog posts into your content calendar. Lastly, let Firebelly create original content for your brand with our social media management and blogging services.

2. Be Engaging

Social connections develop through real-time conversation online. Ideally you’ve created content that your audience is engaging with. The next step is to engage back. Kickstart your social media by interacting with comments on your posts whether it’s by liking or responding. When replying to comments, be conversational but still maintain the same tone and messaging of your brand. If you’re looking to expand your outreach, engage with other pages or profiles. Follow accounts, comment first, and like or share content. Not enough time to keep up with engagements? Choose the Firebelly team to engage on your behalf. You’ll get a dedicated social media manager that knows your brand and can manage engagement in real-time.

3. Take Advantage of Social Media Features

Each social media channel offers unique features that can enhance your creativity and make your brand stand out. Go live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat. Share a story on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. Use hashtags to expand your reach on Twitter and Instagram. Find filters to take your images to the next level on Instagram and Snapchat. Add your location on Twitter and Instagram or check in on Facebook. Take advantage of the many ways you can use a social media channel to reach and engage with your audience. Firebelly stays up-to-date on social channel trends and features. Cut out the learning process and let us handle your social media for you.

4. Hire Firebelly to Kickstart Your Social Media

Jumpstart your social media by putting your brand in the hands of our experts at Firebelly. The Firebelly team has been providing social media solutions for clients for more than 10 years. In addition to creating original content, engaging for brands and understanding social media channels, Firebelly listens to clients needs and gains measurable results.

Don’t get overwhelmed by social media marketing. Treat your social channels as a chance for social connections. Be authentic and engaging. Social media is your chance to build relationships, tell your story and create conversation around your brand. Best of all, Firebelly is here to help. Incorporate these tips and kickstart your social media today.

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