Lauren JohnsonLauren Johnson holds the title of one of Firebelly’s Social Media Managers. Her work is driven by the client’s happiness, and she achieves this by managing social media channels, advertisements, interactions, engagements, and reporting all with ease.

A Butler University Grad, her happy places are on walks through Broad Ripple and different trails with her dog, on a boat, or chilling on her porch with a cup of coffee.

She prefers the visual social media channels, Instagram and Snapchat, because pictures are just more fun.

If you want to talk dancing, dogs, or cooking, Lauren is your girl. And, if you are ever in Broad Ripple, ask her to meet up with you at the Garden Table, because it’s her favorite.

Position: Social Media Manager

Years of Social Media Experience: 8

Role: I work with clients to create and publish monthly content calendars for their social media channels. I manage daily interactions on our clients’ social media channels. Once goals are identified I create social ads to grow clients’ audiences, increase engagement and/or deliver web traffic. I monitor the social channels and provide monthly reports to show key metrics and make recommendations and adjustments moving forward.

What did you go to college for/where did you go to college: Integrated Communications from Butler University

Critical aspect of job: Making clients happy! Helping them achieve or surpass their social and marketing goals.


Hobbies: Dance, Hiking, Working Out, Anything with my dog.

Favorite social media channel and why: It’s a tie for me with Instagram and Snapchat because I love how visual and fun the channels are.

Favorite part of working in social media: No day is the same. The world of social media is constantly changing and it is fun to see what new adventure is in store for me each day.

Three places you like to spend your time: It’s more about who I am with than where, but I love going on walks through town and trails, being on a boat or chilling on my porch with a cup of coffee.

Favorite Broad Ripple restaurant: Garden Table

Two non-related work things you think you are an expert at: Dancing and Cooking, sometimes at the same time!

One piece of social media advice: Be flexible. Change is constant in this industry, be ready to change with it.

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