May 18, 2015 Chad Richards

9 Timeless LinkedIn Best Practices For Brands & Individuals

LinkedIn best practices

LinkedIn is still the go-to social network for business professionals and job seekers. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your time there, follow these nine LinkedIn best practices.

LinkedIn Best Practices

In addition to being a great tool for individuals, LinkedIn can also be a great way to show off the professional side of your brand when used properly.

1. Optimize Your Profile

Make sure your profile is complete! No one will take you seriously (especially as an expert in your field) if your profile isn’t complete.

Make this your first priority before you start networking or sharing your business on LinkedIn.

Be sure your profile has keyword descriptions relevant to your industry—it will make it easier for people to find you.

2. Claim Your Custom URL

Claim your custom URL. Be sure it includes your name ( This is crucial for people who have a lot of contact for potential clients.

I know if I’m meeting with someone I haven’t met yet, I always Google them and check out their LinkedIn profile.

If it’s unprofessional or not up-to-date, I more than likely won’t do business with them.

3. Network

If you see an article that is relevant to a connection’s business, share it with them on their LinkedIn profile.

It shows them you were thinking about them or their business and it shows their connections that you understand your customers (or potential customers).

All will appreciate the attention to detail.

4. Advanced Search

Search for potential customers or clients using advanced search. See if they are already connected with someone you know and ask your associate for an introduction.

See if they are active in any LinkedIn Groups, check out their blog, or follow them on Twitter.

Get to know a little about them and their business before your set up a meeting.

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5. Highlight Your Company

Be sure that your company page is complete and is relevant to your field. Make sure your have the services your company offers listed, relevant articles, images, and videos showing your work.

Make your company come to life on your LinkedIn page.

6. Position Yourself And Your Company As An Expert

Share information and links to articles potential customers would find valuable on your company page. Share that same information on your personal profile—it shows you have your finger on the pulse of your industry.

7. Publish On LinkedIn

Write articles to show your knowledge or expertise of your industry. Include a call-to-action at the bottom of your article encouraging readers to contact you or your company for services.

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8. Build Your Community

Join in conversations, or answer questions (when relevant) in the groups you have joined.

Once you have established credibility among others in the group, start publishing your own content to show you and your company are industry leaders.

9. Don’t Sell

Please don’t do this. LinkedIn is not the place to sell your products or services. Your goal should be to get recognized as an industry expert, not a sales person.

Think about how quickly you tune someone out when they start on their sales pitch right after you meet them.

Establish expertise and people will come to you for help.

Do you need help implementing these LinkedIn best practices? We’re here for you. Connect with Firebelly on LinkedIn, call us at 317-557-4460, email us at or fill out our contact form.

Chad Richards

VP, Social Media Services at Firebelly
Fun Fact: Chad was named "Most Influential Up & Comer" at the inaugural Social Media Summit. He's been with Firebelly since 2007.
Chad Richards

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Chad Richards Fun Fact: Chad was named "Most Influential Up & Comer" at the inaugural Social Media Summit. He's been with Firebelly since 2007.



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