February 25, 2019 Kelly Andres

Building Community One Tiny House At A Time With Maggie Daniels

Maggie Daniels

Maggie Daniels, founder and CEO of Try It Tiny, is not just running a trendy business. She’s helping build a community of people with similar minimalistic values and lifestyles. Tiny house experiences offer an opportunity for growth in the Indianapolis community and beyond as well as a new perspective on living.

Daniels joined Duncan Alney for Firebelly’s latest #GotTheFire episode to discuss women entrepreneurs, minimalism and Try It Tiny.

What is a tiny house?

The tiny house movement has been around for some time. If you’re unfamiliar, tiny houses tend to be about 500 square feet and are typically on wheels. Esthetically they look like a traditional home. The mobility and minimalism this size home brings are just some of the reasons people go tiny. All in all, it’s a simpler way of living.

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Try It Tiny’s evolution

Daniels was forced into a minimalist lifestyle while living in Manhattan. She found that the more she simplifies the happier she is. Daniels moved back to Indiana and turned her passion into a business in 2017. Becoming an entrepreneur was the most challenging thing Daniels has ever done but she has fully embraced her new lifestyle and skills.

Try It Tiny offers an AirBnB like platform for tiny houses. Through the platform, users are able to rent a tiny house or find parking for their own house throughout the U.S. Use Try It Tiny for vacations, events like the Indy 500 or before you buy your own tiny house.

How Try It Tiny is building community

The community behind tiny houses are typically people who live a minimalist lifestyle, are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and see experiences as more important than possessions. When you have similar core values or interests a community naturally develops. Even people who are curious about tiny living help drive this community as Daniels is always meeting new people when she tows a tiny house around.

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Benefits and the future of living tiny

Beyond the benefits of mobility, downsizing and affordability, tiny homes can be beneficial on a larger scale for the community. From businesses to art studios, Daniels has seen her homes be used in a variety of ways. Since these homes can be temporary, a tiny house provides a solution for certain social issues, including housing for people during natural disasters or underprivileged citizens.

Anyone can live tiny no matter what square footage your home is. How will you simplify your life this year?

Watch the interview below to learn more about Daniels and Try It Tiny.

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Kelly Andres Coming from a background in Public Relations, she’s driven by creating exciting stories for clients through words and imagery.



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