August 19, 2019 Kelly Andres

Max Yoder Shares His Steps For Building Community

Max Yoder

Max Yoder, the CEO and co-founder of Lessonly – a software designed to drive team productivity – and the author of “Do Better Work,” has successfully built a community in Indianapolis through steps he uses in his everyday life, both in the workplace and outside of the office.

In the latest episode of #GotTheFire he shares how recognizing humanity and the importance of people are the key to building community. Use these tips to develop more positive, authentic and supportive relationships in your community.



All it takes to treat people like a full person is to spend time truly understanding that person without stereotypes. To bring this type of humanity to the workplace takes a leader to set the tone early on. When people are sharing genuine emotions and feel safe to be themselves, communication becomes better.


Honest communication means being upfront and creating trust. If you say yes to everything, you’ll find that that yes becomes a maybe and eventually a no. If we are honest up front we can build better relationships. Maybe you have to say no to something but can offer an alternative.

Max Yoder used the example of telling a potential client they couldn’t do what was being requested, but instead of just saying no, he told them what they could do for the potential client that would still be beneficial to their goals.



We often think of vulnerability as an emotional state, but Max defines it at acknowledging reality. We don’t all have the same perceptions so we need to be able to communicate our realities to others. When we aren’t being truly vulnerable, we start to distort reality.

A great way to be vulnerable with others and encourage vulnerability in return is to share a struggle or challenge. When you can show you’re not perfect and that you have similar roadblocks, you become more relatable. If everyone in the room is being vulnerable, opportunities for new ideas and problem solving can be better communicated.


People have good and bad days but, whenever you can, bring energy to your community. Max Yoder believes bringing energy is a superpower that everyone possess. So brighten up a room any chance you can with positivity.

Max Yoder is full of energy and positivity. He’s seen a tremendous advantage to starting a business in Indianapolis and the main reason is the people. Put people first, be more honest and authentic in communicating, and don’t be afraid of vulnerability.

Find Max Yoder’s full interview on #GotTheFire below.

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Kelly Andres Coming from a background in Public Relations, she’s driven by creating exciting stories for clients through words and imagery.



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