December 11, 2018 Kelly Andres

Mentorship In Indiana: How Dave Neff Is Paying It Forward

mentorship in Indiana

Dave Neff, President and CEO of EDGE Mentoring, has made a vast impact on mentorship in Indiana that has expanded nationwide. 

EDGE Mentoring focuses on connecting young professionals with an established leader seeking to invest in the next generation. Duncan Alney sat down with Neff in the latest #GotTheFire episode to discuss the benefits of connectivity and mentorship in Indiana.

How Does EDGE Mentoring Work?

We’re more digitally connected than ever but at the same time more lonely and depressed than older generations. Neff sees mentorship as a way to give to others and establish more of that human connectivity that we need. 

EDGE Mentoring begins with an application process. Then five to seven young professionals are paired together with one leader that is 35-40+ years old to form an EDGE group. Twice a month these groups virtually meet to “bridge the gap between work, home and faith.” 

Currently EDGE has roughly 800 people across 40 states, totaling 130 different EDGE groups.

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Benefits of Edge

By connecting with people from around the U.S. and, in some cases, around the world, EDGE is expanding these individual’s perceptions beyond the familiar. This type of mentorship in Indiana brings new ideas and better understanding of others. It also creates more open-minded leaders in our communities. 

EDGE fosters and promotes whole-life mentoring. This means it’s not just about career and personal mentoring. It’s about bringing people together and developing impactful relationships.

Mentoring encourages the concept of paying it forward. The mentors leading EDGE groups have had a lot of learning experiences that they’re able to share with their mentees. By genuinely investing in these millennials the mentor becomes a positive role model in these young professional’s lives.

EDGE is investing in the next generation. Leadership and soft skills, like creativity and conflict resolution, are more important than ever. However, these aren’t the skills being focused on for the next generation. EDGE mentorship helps develop these skills and foster mentees into leaders that can become future mentors for the the generations that follow. 

Biggest Take Away 

EDGE mentorship is creating a third space for whole-life intergenerational community and networking. To join, you just need to be curious, hungry for community and willing to learn from people who may be different from yourself. 

Neff brought mentorship to Indiana for various reasons. For starters, there’s a level of access you don’t find in most cities. Young professionals are easily able to connect with upper level professionals. 

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Overall, there’s a general sense of warmth from Hoosiers. People are more willing to give others the benefit of the doubt and be more trusting. 

Lastly, Indiana truly is a state that works. Indianapolis shows this in the support of the Arts, various green spaces, restaurants and beyond.

Neff has brought mentorship to Indiana and it’s creating future community leaders and an investment in our future generations. So if you’re looking for deeper connections, open-minded discussions and whole-life mentoring, EDGE Mentoring is for you. 

Catch the full conversation between Neff and Alney below.


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Kelly Andres Coming from a background in Public Relations, she’s driven by creating exciting stories for clients through words and imagery.



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