September 26, 2018 Lauren Johnson

5 Smart Ways To Organically Increase Followers On Social Media

organically increase followers

So you want to grow your social media audiences, but you don’t have a budget to do this through advertising? Don’t sweat, there are some great ways you can organically increase followers today!

1. Lead by Example

Want people and brands to follow you? Follow them first! Don’t just follow hundreds of random accounts in one day, be strategic. Find brands, influencers and advocates who have similar interests to you.

It’s not as simple as if you build it they will come, you have to become a part of the community.

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2. Engage

Speaking of being a part of the community, you must do more than simply follow people and brands in your industry. You need to engage with them. Like their photos. Comment genuinely on posts that make sense for your company. Regram or share content that you like or that uses your product/service.

Bottom line, being social on social media can work to your advantage when trying to organically increase followers!

3. Partner up

Now that you’ve discovered—and have been engaging with—the appropriate brands and influencers, it’s time to work on creating relationships that can result partnerships. Reach out to these people and develop multi-branded content or contests.

Creating a symbiotic relationship helps all brands gain access to new audiences.

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4. #Hashtag

Hashtags are a powerful tool to help you get in front of people you want to reach. Do some research on what hashtags are being used in your industry and what makes sense for your brand.

Don’t just use #tbt or #doggo because it is trending, if it doesn’t apply to your post or brand it’s a waste of a hashtag (and a waste of an opportunity, too.)

Need more advice on hashtags? Sprout Social’s “How to Not Suck at Instagram Hashtags in 2018” is a great place to start.

5. Tell a unique story

Give people a reason to follow you, to keep coming back for more, and to keep sharing your content. Find your social voice and create a unique story that people will find unique, educational, funny or whatever it is that makes sense for your brand.

Are you creating content that you would want to see and engage with? If not, adjust your brand’s social story!

These five tips will set you on the right path to organically increasing your followers. That being said, I do encourage to focus on the quality of your followers over the quantity.

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Lauren Johnson

Senior Social Media Manager at Firebelly
Lauren joined the Firebelly team in early 2016. Her social media marketing advice? Be flexible. Change is constant in this industry.
Lauren Johnson

About the Author

Lauren Johnson Lauren joined the Firebelly team in early 2016. Her social media marketing advice? Be flexible. Change is constant in this industry.



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