December 19, 2016 Duncan Alney

Shashi Bellamkonda: The Crux Of Social, Marketing Tech & Pickled Mangoes

Shashi Bellamkonda

Shashi Bellamkonda is Chief Marketing Officer at Surefire Social.

In my Shorthand series, I ask fellow social media marketing industry leaders for three quick and easy insights into their areas of expertise or interest.

Let’s get to the questions!

1. What’s the crux of social media marketing today?

Connecting with people in a human way. More people are using social than ever before. It’s such a powerful communication tool. And that’s why using basics of communication (on social) is more critical than ever before.

On a bigger picture level – using social to influence people to do things – and simultaneously winning their hearts and minds – that is the crux.

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2. You know and keep in touch with thousands of people – what are three things you do?

First and foremost, you have to genuinely love people. That is my motivation. Second, you’ve got to make the effort to learn about people and let them know you care. Third, you have make eye contact.

Most importantly (my bonus point) – I think you have to exchange happiness!

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3. You’re in marketing tech these days, what’s your success formula?

t’s a complicated field. It’s a paradox that technology that makes people’s lives easier isn’t actually always easy to understand.

Basically you have to take care of people. There is a lot of confusion with consumers – B2C or B2B – so simplifying the message is key. Supporting them through their buyer’s journey and into usage of the technology are all components of the success formula.

BONUS: What’s the perfect meal for you?

Back to my roots – some daal (lentil soup) and basmati rice with a side of pickled mangoes. And perhaps a cold IPA to wash it down!

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Duncan Alney

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Fun Fact: Duncan co-authored the book "Facebook Marketing Secrets." He founded Firebelly in 2001.
Duncan Alney

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Duncan Alney Fun Fact: Duncan co-authored the book "Facebook Marketing Secrets." He founded Firebelly in 2001.



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