December 3, 2018 Firebelly Marketing

3 Big Advantages Your Small Business Has On Social Media

small business on social media

What small business owners may lack in big budgets, they make up for with big opportunities on social media. Community-based brands are uniquely positioned to connect with prospective customers in ways the corporate brands are not. Don’t underestimate small businesses and the advantages they bring into play!

So what are some ways small business owners have a virtual home-court advantage?

1. Existing awareness

Unlike big brands, who have to win over an audience, small business owners have a warmer audience—a community that’s rooting for them and wanting to see their small business succeed.

Small business owners are already actively involved with the community or participating in local events—building trust and loyalty by demonstrating commitment and investment in the community.

This camaraderie gives a small player a more potent position in the social game. Social media platforms offer an easily accessible way to enhance this awareness and cultivate relationships in ways big brands fall short.

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2. Personal attention

Locally-owned businesses already have a leg up from their corporate counterparts by being within physical proximity of the audience they’re targeting. Social media is a means to continue a conversation and then take it one step closer to customer conversion.

Through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, small businesses can quickly respond to audience needs, address concerns and leverage these interactions as learning opportunities for other people to learn more about their brand, their message and move people from potential to purposeful clients.

Not only can they interact with customers online, but they can also greet them at the door with a smile and handshake.

3. Community connectedness

Being intimately embedded in a local community gives small businesses the means to build out enhanced strategies to market to their audience.

With community connectedness, small business owners have a better understanding of their target audience, their behaviors and what’s happening locally. They can piggyback on local community events, but still ride on the coattails of nationwide business trends like Cyber Monday.

Smaller budgets? Sure. More focused strategy? You bet.

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In today’s online shopping culture, consumers still see the value in the personal service they receive from their local small business. Whether you’re driving foot traffic to your eatery or marketing a real estate listing, take steps to ensure your small business is connecting to your audience. Both at the door and on social media.

Your potential customers are considering your service. Your social strategy is the invitation they need to come claim it.

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