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3 Reasons Social Media Advertising Tastes Better Than Print

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Brands and consumers alike have witnessed the shift from print, or traditional marketing, to alternative social and digital forms. Let’s face it, consumers aren’t going to the mailbox, combing through the mail, newspapers, or magazines to discover what they can buy.

If you’re like me, I sift through the mail for the important stuff and chuck the rest—no new customer consumption is happening here. This shift from print to online is something savvy brands have taken note of, moving more of their ad spend toward social media advertising.

There are still some advantages to print advertising: trust, reach, traffic, and targeting older generations that feel more comfortable with print communication. But brands should take caution not to fall into outdated strategies simply because of tradition.

The same objectives (and more!) can be accomplished with social media advertising efforts.

It’s an alternative approach that brings a more sophisticated meal to the table, without the burden of a sophisticated spend.

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Let’s highlight some of the big advantages on the menu.

Enhancing Audience Quality

Millions of user take to their mobile devices to check in with friends, post a recent selfie, and momentarily check out from the hustle of daily life. Brands are becoming part of the scenery with their target audience.

Platforms like Facebook offer precision targeting to serve up ads to customer likely to engage, view or take action by zeroing in on their location, age, gender and interests.

Unlike print, brands can tailor their ads for consumption based on what’s more palatable to their ideal customer, discarding the excess ingredients and creating a truly customized entree.

Driving Immediate Action

Likes, follows, and engagement are results brands want to see when stimulating awareness and building relationships. Ultimately, the goal is to move people from considering your brand to taking action.

This transition is much more streamlined and immediate with social media advertising. With the simple click of a button, customers are able to visit a website to discover, elevate, and convert.

Convenience and ease are what consumers want. If you don’t want your message lost in the clutter on the counter, remove a step and capitalize on the micro-moment available to attract them to your brand.

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Building In Agility

One big disadvantage to print materials is that once they’re out the door, brands are left to sit back and wait on the results. No opportunities for editing or refining content exist. Spelling errors are far less tragic on a Facebook ad than on a 6-page, glossy print brochure.

Not only is there no option to right an expensive error (it happens when there are humans involved), the ability to shift your advertisement toward what’s working is lost. Social media platforms serve up immediate metrics and analytics that allow brands to adapt to consumers taste buds. This results in more consumption, less missed opportunities, and a more effective return on investment.

Print may have its advantages: showcasing professional photography, impressive design work, targeting specific generations. But the trends are telling us that consumers, by and large, don’t want you to spend your money on print materials. They want to read your messaging on their phone between meetings, waiting in the carpool pick-up line, and from the comfort of their evening couch perch.

It’s why social media should be served as your brand’s main entree. Not a starter.

So if you’re looking for a more versatile and flexible experience-one that promises immediate accountability, precision targeting, and measurable results-make a reservation at Chez Social. Tell them Firebelly sent you.

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