December 4, 2017 Firebelly Marketing

Social Media Content: 3 Rules For Creating Quality Posts

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Brands often prioritize posting frequency, but neglect the most import driver of social media content performance: quality.

It’s easy to obsess over the number of times you post on your social channels. And posting frequency does matter, but if your content isn’t bringing its A-game, you risk audience fatigue, lower levels of engagement, and a disappointing return on time poured out.

You can’t stand out if you’re not delivering quality content.

Creating quality social media content

So how can brands gain more traction and produce better results with their content? Follow these simple rules!

1. Be Social

We can’t forget the whole premise of social media accounts: to find, connect, and interact with various people and groups relative to our values and interests. In order to attract followers, it’s critical to deliver relevant content to your target audience.

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Ask yourself the following: What am I giving users? How is this information helpful? With whom will my message resonate?

Your vibe attracts your tribe. And we all want a quality tribe.

2. Be An Expert

Social media provides the opportunity to establish your brand as a front-runner or leader in your space. Leverage your industry expertise to keep your audience up-to-date on the latest and greatest in your social space.

To build brand loyalty, it’s up to you to dish out education, information, and inspiration.

Consider these questions: What do you do for your audience? What do you have that they need? What makes you more attractive than the next brand? Why will they come back to you again?

The answers to those questions should serve as your brand’s compass when it comes to content development.

3. Be Analytical

For brands marketing on social media, some of the best tools in your toolkit are the native analytics provided by each channel. The story is in the numbers.

Within a click’s reach, brands have the ability to see who’s responding, what they’re responding to, and how that translates into conversions.

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Sometimes we think we’ve created gold, but the numbers say something else. Take advantage of these resources to refine and further clarify what your audience wants.

Knowing your audience and producing high quality content to meet their needs should be every brand’s top priority.

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