January 9, 2018 Taylor Carlier

Setting Social Media Marketing Goals: A Step-By-Step Guide

social media marketing goals

Take time to realign your social media marketing goals. Assess what worked and what didn’t in the past year, and make new strides forward.

Setting Social Media Marketing Goals

Your social media marketing efforts could probably use a little TLC. Follow these 4 steps to success.

Step 1: Out with the old

Before you can move forward, you need to clean house. Identify what is your weakest social media platform, why you think it is the weakest, and then either get rid of it or overhaul it.

It’s okay to pare down your social media attention so you can have fewer, higher-quality channels.

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Step 2: Rank your objectives

Everyone wants bigger audiences, better engagement, more impressions, and greater ROI. Decide what objectives are most important to you, and address accordingly.

You don’t have to do it all at once—consider a phases approach to make meeting your objectives more manageable.

Step 3: Implement one new tactic

You’ve been reading all of those Firebelly Marketing social media marketing blog posts and want to try something new? Do it.

Theme your Instagram account, start participating in Twitter chats, or boost your Facebook posts more.

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Step 4: Do something risky

Social media is always changing and jumping onto the trend bandwagon isn’t always the best idea, but picking one to venture into might be worth the risk.

Try Facebook or Instagram Live, start an influencer marketing program, or launch a Snapchat Sponsored Geofilter.

Step 5: Leave room for mistakes

If you try something different and it doesn’t work, just change course. Social media is pretty forgiving.

Delete that tweet that didn’t perform how you thought it would or stop sending your products to influencers if you aren’t getting the return you thought you would.

Your social media goals set your social media intentions. Get your goals down on digital or physical paper, and make things happen!

Do you need more help setting your brand’s social media marketing goals? Firebelly is here for you. Call us at 317-557-4460, email us at hello@firebellymarketing.com or fill out our contact form.

Taylor Carlier

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Fun Fact: The person Taylor would most like to face swap with on Snapchat is Kim Kardashian. She joined the Firebelly team in 2016.
Taylor Carlier

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Taylor Carlier Fun Fact: The person Taylor would most like to face swap with on Snapchat is Kim Kardashian. She joined the Firebelly team in 2016.



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