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4 Social Media Photography Tips For Fashion Brands

Social Media Photography Tips For Fashion Brands

Image is everything in the fashion world. Elevate the imagery on your channels with these four social media photography tips for fashion brands.

1. Crop With Intention

Cropping any type of photo almost always works best when it is in landscape orientation. That’s rule number one, but there are some more detailed rules when we are talking about fashion cropping.

Don’t remove key body parts

When models are in the photo it is best not to cut off hands or feet at the wrists and ankles, when it can be avoided. Crop mid-calf or thigh depending on what clothes are in the shot. The goal is to display as much of the clothing or accessories as possible, without intentionally removing body parts.

Models’ heads matter

It is best to show their full or partial head, rather than cutting it off at the neck (figuratively speaking, of course). Exceptions can be made here when the crop isn’t close to the head, such as when a skirt or shoes are being showcased.

Utilize cropping to sell what makes your brand’s fashion so special

Take advantage of a good cropped photo when you want to emphasize clothing features or smaller, such as stitching, fit, design, fabric, cut, jewelry, etc.

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2. Get Your Lighting on Point

Good lighting is a non-negotiable. Dark and blurry photos are out of the question.

Always opt for natural light when possible, or a well lit studio. The more natural light photos your fashion brand can use, the better.

People want to see what the clothes or pieces you are selling will look like in their day-to-day life, which is probably not spent under studio lights.

3. Have a Clear Purpose

Why should your audience look at your photos on social media verses another fashion brand? Give your photos a purpose with relevant action and detail shots.

Unless you are high-end couture brand, photos of models in the Amazon rainforest when you are featuring a dress pant for work, are probably not the action shots that people will relate to.

Feature your dress pants on their commute to the office or at lunch, something real people do. Aspirational photos also work, if you can pair it with a caption that is relatable. Put some models on a yacht and caption with something like, “Vacation & outfit goals that will get you through a case of the Monday’s.”

When you want to sell more jewelry, make your photo say that. A photo of a model in the distance who is wearing a bracelet you can barely see, doesn’t sell jewelry well. Crop in for detailed shots so that whatever you want your audience to buy from that photo is the central purpose.

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4. Spice Up Those Flat Lays

Off the body fashion shots are just as important as ones that include models. Bring life to these photos with nature accents like flowers, leaves, or branches—anything organic that pairs with your brand.

Add in lifestyle props that make sense with the season and your audience, such as a coffee mug, passport, sunglasses, cell phone or suitcase.

Small photo adjustments will go a long way, if you are willing to take the time to make them. Follow the above fashion photography tips to help your social media channels stand out in the sea of fashion brands.

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Taylor Carlier

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Taylor Carlier Fun Fact: The person Taylor would most like to face swap with on Snapchat is Kim Kardashian. She joined the Firebelly team in 2016.



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