December 18, 2018 Lauren Johnson

Firebelly Marketing’s Social Media Predictions For 2019

2018 is coming to an end and the Firebelly Marketing team has decided to break open our fortune cookies to bring you our 2019 social media predictions!

Duncan Alney | Current (and prospective) customer focus


There will be a great focus on customers (and prospective customers). Social media offers the ability to answer questions and resolve issues in a manner that is preferable to many audiences (Millennials and Gen Z) while offering marketers the ability to layer in additional data and past social interactions and behavior.

Social media marketing will continue to include content, community management and ads. We’ll see more and more infusion of micro-influencers. This is the real way influencer marketing will proliferate as opposed to full scale explosion of influencer programs.

Marketers and agencies that cannot propose, defend and prove ROI will begin their long overdue path to extinction. And rightly so. Facebook, despite media noise including noisy CEOs like Elon Musk, will continue to provide advanced targeting and revenue generation for savvy marketers.

Chatbots will get better. 

Chad Richards | Bypassing the News Feed

news feed

Frustrated by dwindling organic visibility and algorithm updates that never work in their favor, savvy brands will work to bypass the News Feed and focus more of their efforts on engaging with audiences via Stories and Messenger Bots.

My wish for 2019? Instagram follower ads! C’mon, Facebook. 

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Lauren Johnson | Greater emphasis on ROI


Brands will put more emphasis on ROI in social media. Social media marketers will need to get creative with their advertising and content creation approaches to capitalized on potential customers. 

Video will continue to perform best in all areas of social media. Instagram stories and IGTV are areas to focus your social media efforts. Brands should consider investing in quality video production to compete with bigger companies in this area.

If you don’t already include user generated content in your social media approach, you need to! What better way to tell your story than though the point of view of your actual customers!

Wish list: audience growth ads for LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as editing capabilities for tweets!

Taylor Carlier | Brands turn to micro & nano influencers 

micro influencer

Social channels will continue to find new ways to weave in ads for brands.

Influencers will have to become more authentic to hold on to their audiences who have all caught onto the fact that they are paid to say what they say. Brands will turn their attention away from larger influencers and onto micro & nano influencers to stay real.

Video will continue to rise as the most preferred medium for messaging on all social channels.

Ad targeting will only become more restricted, resulting in brands needing to produce even better organic content for viral attention.

Kelly Andres | The rise of AI


Visual and personalized/authentic real-time content will be more important than ever.

AI will become more of an integral component across social channels – enhancing response times, increasing engagement & providing more detailed analytics.

Marketers will focus more on marketing to Generation Z as they’re more active on social media than any other generation.

More brands will focus their efforts on Story Ads.

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Ryan Campbell | Instagram gains more ground


Instagram will continue to gain ground and demonstrate its ability to influence behavior and create purchase conversions. Though I don’t see Instagram overtaking Facebook, I do anticipate more ad spends being allocated toward advertising on Instagram in 2019!

Instagram Stories, and now Facebook Stories, continue to gain popularity and how users consume content is always evolving. Brands need to take note and should be leveraging their creative to capture this opportunity. Be on look out, non-skippable Stories Ads are coming soon.

2019 is shaping up to be another exciting year in the world of social media. 

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Lauren Johnson

Senior Social Media Manager at Firebelly
Lauren joined the Firebelly team in early 2016. Her social media marketing advice? Be flexible. Change is constant in this industry.
Lauren Johnson

About the Author

Lauren Johnson Lauren joined the Firebelly team in early 2016. Her social media marketing advice? Be flexible. Change is constant in this industry.



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