June 10, 2019 Kelly Andres

Social Media Tools Every Marketer Needs To Create The Perfect Toolbox

social media tools

Social media tools play a major part in implementing a successful marketing strategy. That’s why having the right tools in your toolbox are so important on a day-to-day basis for a social media marketer.

Social media tools keep us organized, efficient and thinking outside of the box. Here are just some of the ones we rely on to enhance our efforts for clients.

Sprout Social

sprout social

Looking for a tool that does just about everything? Sprout Social is our go-to tool for daily social media management.

We schedule posts, interact with engaging audiences, listen to what is being said about clients and their competitors, and, most importantly, analyze our social media marketing efforts. Those are just some of the ways you can use Sprout Social.


Seeking to build relationships with influencers? GroupHigh is a social media tool you need in your toolbox.

With the largest blogger database in the world, quickly finding bloggers and how to contact them, researching blog posts, and building your targeted outreach just got a heck of a lot easier. Get connected with the right influencers for your brand in no time.



Take your audio game on social media to a new level by turning it into a video with Waave. Whether you have music to share, a podcast or radio show, turn it into a custom-branded, animated video for your audience to engage with.

We love how easy, customizable and compatible Waave is across almost any platform. This social media tool brings a new approach to marketing content for digital audio creators.


This social media tool is a must for brands looking for beautiful images on a budget. Find high-resolution, free stock images for just about anything you can imagine.

Inspiring images are just a search away on Unsplash.



Everyone needs the ultimate design tool for beginners in their toolbox. Canva makes designing social media posts a breeze with tons of templates, images and graphics to choose from.

Best of all, you don’t need to be a pro to create high-quality designs on Canva.


If you’re linking to a website or blog on social media, you’ll want to utilize Bitly. This link shortening tool provides you with short, secure and reliable links that will better attract your audience.

Their link shortening tool is free to use, but if you upgrade, you can customize your links, access real-time analytics and more.

Share with us your favorite social media tools that help your brand succeed.

Looking for a team with the right toolbox to enhance your social media marketing efforts? Firebelly is here for you. Call us at 317-557-4460, email us at hello@firebellymarketing.com or fill out our contact form.

Kelly Andres

Social Media Manager at Firebelly
Coming from a background in Public Relations, she’s driven by creating exciting stories for clients through words and imagery.

About the Author

Kelly Andres Coming from a background in Public Relations, she’s driven by creating exciting stories for clients through words and imagery.



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