Social Media + Earth Day: 5 Must-Reads

Yesterday was Earth Day, but the information and recommendations shared in some of these 5 must-reads can help you be “greener” every day of the year.

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How To Mobilize Social Media To Do Nice Things For Earth
By Drew Bowling Recyclebank had the great idea that people could use this medium as way to educate and share information about some fairly simple habits that would make big impacts on our dear old planet Earth. To highlight some of the ways, they put together an infographic that details how you people could use different social media in order to effect those changes.

9 Digital Ways to Make a Difference This Earth Day
By Matt Petronzio Don’t fret — there’s plenty you can do to make a real difference, even if it’s only from your computer or mobile device. Check out the following ways you can use digital channels to get involved this year.

12 Green Apps for Earth Day
Chandra Steele “Mobilize the Earth” is the theme of this year’s Earth Day. It seems fitting, then, that we leverage the popularity of mobile phones to help further the cause of conserving planetary resources. Download one of these 12 apps each month and you can help keep the planet green all year long.

Earth Day 2012: The Funniest Tweets (SLIDESHOW)
By Huffington Post Just because climate change is real and we could all be doing a better job as stewards of the planet, that doesn’t mean a few well-humored tweets aren’t also in order on this auspicious occasion. After all, nothing matters anymore until it’s created a full-on Twitter snarkfest, right?

Earth Day 2012 Infographic: The Internet Is Killing The Planet
By Megan Marrs There is an anti-green culprit lurking among us – the internet! Our greatest friend and foe. That’s why we created the Earth Day 2012 Infographic to illustrate the negative impact our internet usage has on our beloved planet Earth. But there’s an upside! The Internet has some positive effects on the planet too. Read on to find out what they are.

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