A Social Media Bubble Burst? 5 Must-Reads

There’s been a lot of talk about an upcoming (or existing) social media bubble burst. Here’s the scoop:

Social Media Bubble Burst

The Social Media Bubble Starts to Burst
By Rick Newman Score one for the Luddites: Social media really does seem to be overblown, at least as a business proposition.

Social Media Investment Bubble Has Popped
By John Shinal Facebook shares plunge to new lows as Zynga sees a raft of downgrades on a weak earnings report. Has the social media investment bubble burst?

Is The Social Media Bubble Finally Popping?
By Jesse Colombo Falling social media stock prices are making fools out of wildly optimistic Wall Street stock analysts and are causing billionaire (or former billionaire) social media company founders to lose fortunes.

Social media, until recently a hot sector, faces growing skeptics
By John Boudreau Social media, until recently the hottest sector in Silicon Valley, is now getting the cold shoulder from investors, downgrades from analysts and criticism from some fans.

Facebook bubble shows every sign of bursting
By Nick Farrell Ever since Facebook announced its over-priced IPO we have been warning that unless there were some significant changes at the company, it was a bubble waiting to burst.

Facebook Changes ‘Reach’ Metric: 4 Must-Reads

We don’t want you to miss these 4 must-reads on new changes Facebook made to its Reach metric.

Facebook Reach Changes

Facebook Radically Changes ‘Reach’ Metric: How You Were Affected
By Corey Eridon Have you checked out your Facebook Insights lately? Did you notice that your ‘Reach’ number was a little out of whack? Did you freak out?

Facebook changed its Reach metric – will it impact your business page?
By Sara Villegas If you use Facebook to market your business (and who doesn’t these days?) you might have noticed a little change when you viewed the Insights for your business page in the past couple of weeks.

Facebook Quietly Announces Major Analytics Flub
By Dan Wilkerson This is a pretty big disappointment for social marketers everywhere. Without reliable metrics, we can’t make informed and strategic decisions. Between this and the many other changes Facebook has made over the past few months, historical data is now completely worthless.

Facebook updates page insights to make reach metric more accurate, include mobile
By Brittany Darwell Facebook today made two changes that will help page owners understand the true reach of their posts. The reach metric in page insights will now include mobile data and the desktop News Feed will no longer count reach until a user scrolls and loads the page’s story, the company tells us.

Colorado Theater Shooting & Social Media: 5 Must-Reads

The Firebelly crew wishes the Colorado theater shooting victims’ loved ones our sincere condolences. I was unsure if I wanted to compile this round-up. I didn’t want to come off as opportunistic or insensitive. When tragedy strikes, however, social media sites are frequently the first places traditional news sources (along with worried family and friends) turn to for more information. Social media is beneficial in disseminating information quickly. When that information is incorrect, it can also be problematic.

Colorado Theater Shooting Social Media

Graphic designer Jeff Leiboff created a memorial ribbon with the Batman logo in remembrance of the Aurora shootings.

Social Media Brings Theater Shooting Details To Masses
By Yamiche Alcindor The tweets came in soon after a gunman opened fire in a crowded Colorado movie theater. I’m safe. I survived. I made it out. They’re the words of witnesses poured out over social-media sites telling the world in the quickest way possible that they were alive.

Theater Shooting Unfolds In Real Time On Social Media
By John D. Sutter The horrifying posts highlight a shift in the way our society tells the story of a tragedy, and also how we react to it. Before Twitter, smartphones and YouTube, it would have been impossible for an event like Colorado’s “Batman Massacre” to have played out for the global public in real time.

People With Same Name As Shooter Hounded On Social Media
By BeforeItsNews One of the first places many turned to for information on Friday about the suspected movie-theater shooter James Holmes was Facebook, and a kind of lynch mob mentality took hold among some who wanted to track down the shooting suspect themselves.

After Colorado Shootings, Social Media Are Misinformation Sources
By Matt Pearce This is the Internet, and you should not believe everything you read on it. “We are analyzing all social media and are already finding that there are a lot of pranks,” Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates said in a televised news conference on Friday.

Social Media Tributes Pouring In After Theater Shooting
By Brian Truitt With The Dark Knight Rises in theaters this weekend, social media already would have been busy with fans talking about the blockbuster. But after the shootings in an Aurora, Colo., theater Friday, tribute videos, artwork and messages are popping up on YouTube, DeviantArt, Twitter and other websites with people sharing their thoughts about the tragedy and saying they’re going to see the movie as an act of defiance against fear.

Major Social Media Acquisitions: 3 Must-Reads

Big companies have been acquiring social media startups a lot lately. Here are 3 must-reads on some of the larger acquisitions and, more importantly, why these companies feel the need to become more social.

social media acquisitions

Salesforce Buys Buddy Media To Ride Social Media Marketing Wave
By Trefis Team Salesforce.com has agreed to buy Buddy Media, a leading social media marketing platform for $689 million in cash and equity. Buddy Media enables its clients to listen, engage, gain insight, publish, advertise and measure social marketing programs.

With $1.2 Billion Yammer Buy, Microsoft’s Social Enterprise Strategy Takes Shape
By Colleen Taylor and Ingrid Lunden The Yammer deal also puts Microsoft further into the game of developing social media services specifically for enterprises, an area where companies like Oracle, Salesforce and IBM have been actively playing, too.

Oracle Buys Involver to Boost Social Media Presence
By Stephanie Mlot In an effort to create the most comprehensive, cloud-based social platform, Oracle announced today its acquisition of social media manager Involver.

Twitter’s Simpler Search: 5 Must-Reads

Here are 5 must-reads on new changes Twitter made to its search functionality we don’t want you to miss.

Twitter Search Chnages

Simpler search
By Frost Li Today we’re introducing search autocomplete and ‘People you follow’ search results to twitter.com. In addition to recent improvements like related query suggestions, spelling corrections and more relevant search results, these updates make it even easier to immediately get closer to the things you care about.

Twitter patches up its search interface
By Rafe Needleman As hinted at in a tweet by Twitter’s Pankaj Gupta last night, Twitter today rolled out an improved search experience. It’s a big and overdue improvement in usability, but the new features are not revolutionary.

What Twitter’s New Search Features Mean For Google, Third-Party Developers
By Carl Franzen Tech bloggers have noted that Twitter’s recent moves betray ambitions to become a more comprehensive search engine, or at least add the capabilities of a search engine to its existing website, so whether this is just the beginning of a sea change in Twitter search remains to be seen.

3 Things To Note About Twitter’s Upgraded Search
By Kristina Chew The battle for internet search dominance and social media has more players besides Google and Facebook. Since these internet sites have become so crucial to how we find information and how we communicate, Twitter’s changes could turn out to be the start of a something new and big — or not.

Hands-on with Twitter’s new Simpler Search: Timeline search is a game changer
By Drew Olanoff Now that the cat is out of the bag, we know what Twitter meant when it said the company would be changing the way we explore and discover on the service forever. I’m taking the new features for a spin, and I have to say that I’m mighty impressed.

Social Media Sucks: 5 Must-Reads

Social media sucks (but not really). Check out these 5 must-reads.

Social Media Sucks

Social Media Sucks For Businesses And Here’s Why
By Adam Helweh For years it’s been “business as usual” and then suddenly everyone is bouncing around words like “social”, “engage”, “community” and all kinds of other blather. Social media sucks and here’s a few reasons why.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Social Media Sucks
By Rachel Parker So, we’ve wrapped up our latest blog post series, Top 10 Reasons Why Your Social Media Sucks. In case you missed any episodes, here’s a rundown for you.

6 Reasons Social Media Sucks, But You Need to Use It Anyway
By Tom Pick Here are six reasons why social media skeptics have a point, and six reasons businesses must and will continue to embrace social media marketing anyway.

Why “Social Media” Sucks for Prospecting
By Mark Hunter It’s time we kill social media, especially if you’re using social media as a sales tool or prospecting technique. Forget it. It’s not working for one very reason — you’re using the term “social media.”

Social Media: Why You Suck at Social
By Todd Wilms The first word in “social media” is “social;” If you aren’t social, no matter how much work we do together, your efforts will be for naught.

[Image: Tomislav Zvonarić]

Social Media and Spam: 5 Must-Reads

Here are 5 must-reads on social media and spam that we don’t want you to miss.

social media spam

‘Likejacking’: Spammers Hit Social Media
By Olga Kharif Spammers create as many as 40 percent of the accounts on social-media sites. About 8 percent of messages sent via social pages are spam, approximately twice the volume of six months ago.

Reddit Bans The Atlantic, Businessweek In Anti-Spam Crusade
By Jeff Bercovici Getting journalists to share the content they produce is a high priority for companies like Facebook and Twitter. Reddit sees it more as a nuisance.

What Is Social Media Spam? [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Shea Bennett This infographic from Seo Smarty provides a handy one-page resource as to how each of the major social networks defines spam, what sort of spam you can expect and their position therein.

Tips for Tackling Social Media Spam
By Linda Bustos Thanks to the low barrier to entry and the propensity for “black hat” Internet marketers to stop at nothing to make money online, any social network that has significant traction is going to be a magnet for spam and brandjacking.

Social Networking Spam – 5 Rules for Marketers
By Josh Mackey Marketers who face pushback on social networking spam issues need to be prepared to respond head on. The advice below comes from insights that I have gleaned from being neck deep in social audience measurement product development for the past year and a half.

The LinkedIn Hack: 5 Must-Reads

Here are 5 must-reads on the LinkedIn hack in which more than 6 million users’ passwords were stolen.

Linkedin logo

LinkedIn Hacked: How To Protect Yourself Online
By Dave Johnson Security problems are pervasive, and any site that requires a password is susceptible to this sort of thing. That’s why it’s time to review the essential requirements to keeping your passwords safe and secure.

LinkedIn Breach Puts Site’s Reputation On The Line
By Jim Finkle and Jennifer Saba LinkedIn Corp’s silence on the extent of a security breach that exposed millions of user passwords has damaged its reputation among some business professionals, and may slow the growing company’s rise if the breach turns out to be more serious than disclosed.

LinkedIn Says Zero Accounts Have Been Compromised As A Result Of The Password Leaks
By Tom Cheredar In a blog post reaffirming its commitment to security yesterday, LinkedIn claimed that it has no evidence of any accounts being compromised as a result of the security breach.

LinkedIn Defends Reaction in Wake of Password Theft
By Shayndi Rice and Ben Worthen The social-networking service for professionals has been criticized for not including an extra layer of password security known as salting, and for not having a chief security officer. LinkedIn moved to reassure customers about the security of their data.

Lax Security At LinkedIn Is Laid Bare
By Nicole Perlroth That LinkedIn was attacked did not surprise anyone. Companies’ computer systems are attacked every day. What has surprised customers and security experts alike is that a company that collects and profits from vast amounts of data had taken a bare-bones approach to protecting it.

Facebook Promoted Posts: 5 Must-Reads

Here are your 5 must-reads on Facebook’s Promoted Posts that began rolling out last week.

Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook Promoted Posts: A Step-By-Step Guide
By Lauren Drell Facebook has started rolling out Promoted Posts for Brand Pages, a new feature that allows businesses to pay for posts to be more predominantly displayed on news feeds.

Facebook Launches Promoted Posts For Pages
By David Cohen Facebook pages with more than 400 likes now have another advertising option in the form of the promote button the social network announced in test form in late April, as its rollout was confirmed on the Facebook Marketing page Wednesday.

Facebook Promoted Posts (Sorta) Explained
By Drew Bowling A Facebook spokesperson replied to a few questions I had about the promoted post features. Below is the Q&A from our correspondence.

Facebook Rolls Out ‘Promoted Posts’ To Extend The Reach Of Your Page’s Content
By Pamela Vaughan Traditionally, the reach of the organic content you post to your Facebook business page has been limited by the scope of Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm. But today, Facebook is rolling out a new tool that enables page admins to extend the reach of their page’s organic content.

Calling Out Facebook {Manipulated by Promoted Posts}
By Kirsten Smith If I want to advertise on Facebook, I would set up an ad to run in the right hand ad-bar. I don’t want to advertise to my fans. I want to interact with them.

Memorial Day & Social Media: 4 Must-Reads

Here are your 4 must-reads on Memorial Day and social media that we don’t want you to miss.

Memorial Day Social Media

Memorial Day Thoughts From Social Media Explorer
By Jason Falls A happy Memorial Day to you all, especially those who might be somber today because of a loved one lost in the service of his or her country. Know that they did not die in vain. Whether in combat or not, stateside or abroad, each person who has had the bravery and valor to serve their country deserves our gratitude.

Customers Bullish On Travel, Spending This Memorial Weekend, Says Social Sentiment Index [STUDY]
By Shea Bennett IBM’s Social Sentiment Index, which aggregates public opinion from Twitter, blogs, message forums and other social media channels, has revealed a 46 percent increase in the amount of conversations about Memorial Day travel over last year.

Man Uses Facebook To ‘Save’ Memorial Day Parade
By Julie Tremmel Facebook, in my opinion, sort of put the power in our hands to get the word out, to get the press involved. We didn’t even ask the press involved, which I think is priceless. We’ve received comments and donations from people who don’t even live in this state or in this community.

12 Fantastic Memorial Day Weekend Instagram Shots
By Alex Fitzpatrick It’s Memorial Day weekend in the United States, and Americans are spending time with friends and family, enjoying the first barbecue of the summer and remembering their fallen military heroes. While people are soaking up some rays or paying tribute to lost heroes, they’re posting some fantastic snapshots to Instagram.

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