Taylor CarlierTaylor Carlier has spent half her career in journalism and half in communications, making her double the trouble. She holds the dual role of Social Media Manager and Influencer Marketer. She is all about the details when it comes to our clients and social media management.

Taylor is a Purdue University grad, who is a former barista and current Kardashian trivia source.

Snapchat is her favorite social media because it’s quick and quirky.

When she isn’t drinking coffee, she is usually talking. She spends most of her free time at Itown Church, playing volleyball, cycling or reading.

Position: Social Media Manager

Years of Social Media Experience: 5 years (2 in journalism, 3 in social media management/communications)

Role: Manage clients social media channels, blogging, and interactions. Work on influencer marketing team managing influencer relations.

What did you go to college for/where did you go to college: Purdue University, May 2014 for Mass Communications: Journalism

Critical aspect of job: I always focus on creating win : win relationships.


Hobbies: Playing volleyball, drinking coffee, reading books, super involved at Itown Church, amateur cycling

Favorite social media channel and why: Snapchat, because my best and worst moments won’t last for the world to see longer than 10 seconds, and there are just some things not meant for your 1,000+ Facebook friends to see.

Favorite part of working in social media: Telling people I make money by doing what they do for free — scrolling through social media all day.

Three places you like to spend your time: In my ENO hammock, at Itown Church, and at Hubbard and Cravens

Favorite Broad Ripple/Indy restaurant: Bakersfield (Downtown Indy) or Twenty Tap (South Broad Ripple)

Two non-related work things you think you are an expert at: Being a barista, Kardashian trivia

One piece of social media advice: Post with personality and presence, like what you have to say is worth reading.

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