November 20, 2018 Kelly Andres

Transforming Social Media With Jennifer Magley On #GotTheFire

transforming social media

Highly accomplished speaker, athlete, coach and mama, Jennifer Magley sat down with Firebelly CEO Duncan Alney to talk about the role positive values and courage can play in not only marketing but our daily lives.

As a notoriously positive person, Magley views courage as facing your fears. She claims to have a lot of fears – we think she has a lot of courage too. Magley shares some important tips and advice for transforming social media in a positive way that we can all incorporate.

1. Transforming Social Media

Magley is always looking for ways to stand out online and use social media to develop a more personal relationship with new and potential clients. She’s transforming social media from a business management perspective with the following tips:

A. Use cold calling techniques in a 21st century way through direct messaging or email to make a greater impact and impression on the decision maker.

B. Send video messages on LinkedIn introducing yourself to people you want to connect with or new clients prior to meeting in person.

C. Use social media as a communication tool versus a way to gain popularity.

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2. Courage in Marketing

It takes a lot of courage to reach out to people you don’t know. It takes even more courage to keep going after getting multiple noes. Get out there and collect your noes because you’re getting closer to a yes.

Even a successful Colonel Sanders had to be courageous and bold when starting out. He went as far as to ask places if he could use their kitchen to fry his chicken.

3. Values in Marketing

Your social media voice should match your voice in person. This level of authenticity can be impactful in transforming social media as a positive tool for both marketing and personal use. Use your voice to create positive change in the world rather than using social media as a mask to hide behind.

Over the course of 5-10 years, we’ve seen how impactful social media has been in mobilizing people. From political campaigns or gaining support for a good cause. Consider what a Martin Luther King Jr. social media account would be like. What narrative would he create?

4. Positivity in Life

Evaluate your life by looking at what you have to do versus what you choose to do. When you realize you don’t have to do anything – you have a choice in everything you do – you find more love in life.

Curate the content you want to see on social media. You have the choice to unfollow or hide content that doesn’t serve you. One way to look at it would be to determine if you’re entertained by the content or not. By incorporating this approach, you are transforming social media into a more positive community and outlet for yourself.

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Grow where you’re planted. If you’re looking to help those in need, you don’t have to look far. Remember there are people in your own backyard that need help as well.

We’re only sharing the highlights on social media, but it doesn’t mean people don’t have bad days and vice versa. Don’t get bogged down in the positive or negatives social media portrays. Remember we’re all human and what is portrayed on social media doesn’t mean anyone is perfect.

Uncover your identity and become who you really are. Magley uses the example that a queen is born a queen and therefore will always be a queen no matter her situation in life. It’s just a matter of unearthing what’s already there.

We hope you take time to listen to their full conversation below. She’s an inspiring woman that is transforming social media with unique ideas and positivity. There’s a lot we can learn from her.

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Kelly Andres

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Coming from a background in Public Relations, she’s driven by creating exciting stories for clients through words and imagery.

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Kelly Andres Coming from a background in Public Relations, she’s driven by creating exciting stories for clients through words and imagery.



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